HTC phablet specs and image pop up, quad-core Krait, 1080p

17 September, 2012
The upcoming 5" HTC phablet will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC and a 1080p, 480ppi, screen.

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  • Mac01843

HTC phablet good..., 26 Sep 2012I could wait HTC google Nexus. it will be my next smartphone.Your wait may be longer than you think... the next Google Nexus is an LG, not an HTC!

  • HTC phablet good...

I could wait HTC google Nexus. it will be my next smartphone.

  • Anonymous

this is something awsome , fabolous, fantastic........... no words to describe... plz tell me the price.????

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

My next phone was going to be the Note 2 but I would definitely consider a HTC alternative. In my experience, Samsung phones perform faster and more reliably, while the HTCs feel much more expensive and have better displays, so really it's a dead heat. I do feel the Note 2 will probably be quicker and better at loading Youtube videos though, as my S2 consistently beats my One X and Sensation XE at these things.

  • will lee wanta

Samsung galaxy note finally get its contender.
Personally i don't like htc's design. It's too masculine, and "high tech".
Galaxy note is more natural and unisex.

  • will lee wanta

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2012Sorry HTC ppl are gonna still go for the note 2, full hd on a ph... morei agree
While 1080p screen on a 5" display looks stunning, i think it will be useless.
Besides, applications will look ridiculous on 1080p display.

  • Akhter Rasool

Great work HTC... This race to acquire top position is great for consumer, who have many options to choose from.

  • Anonymous

Sorry HTC ppl are gonna still go for the note 2, full hd on a phone is a bit ridiculous a full tablet would be more deserving... I think they trying too hard to outmatch an already established phablet

  • bjorg18

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2012why would you need 2 GBs of ram ? 1GB is more than enough..this ... more2 gigs of ram to fix the lag issues that causes it to slow down. But still it wont fix

  • joul

Thats right. Thats krait...

  • ibebadenglis

Tommy Leong , 17 Sep 20121.5g ram ?! htc want to be a loser &#6... moreyayayayyayayaaaaaa you is a righttssss!!!!!!! and note 2 screen resolution 1280x720 is muchumuchumuchu muchumuchumuchu bigggeerrrr than a full hd 1920x1080 screen hahahahahahahahhahaaaaaa!!

  • rob_z

why not removable battery? That kills for me. Love my Evo4g with removable battery, and not buying anything which I can't remove or add battery..

  • Anonymous

why would you need 2 GBs of ram ? 1GB is more than enough..this means that 1.5 is still more than enough. anyways it would be nice to have a pen... htc is aiming at the new note... so a pen is kinda required... add some memory too... and note 2 will look like a near DIx.

  • sugu

if u satisfy with it that brand u will go through that.. dont say its a worst thing... if u r Samsung fan write about ur Samsung only.. u know what Samsung copying other mobile brand features... brands like Sony,HTC,Apple...

  • Anonymous

Nora, 17 Sep 2012If the phone comes with a SD card and removable battery, it woul... moreyou are right, without these two things, HTC is again a flop show.

  • XXXtreme

Ninjabass66, 17 Sep 2012many phones of HTC doesn't has 512 or 1gig.... has 768... duplic... morei know it's possible to put 1536mb ram,but nobody will do this for high-end phones because 2048mb ram is the new standard !!! in my opinion a fullhd phone needs windows 8 and 3-4gb of ram !!!

  • Soheyl

why 1.5GB Ram?
Put a 2GB of Ram & make us happy

  • AnonD-69839

My note only has 765 of ram, its the way the system is partesioned, yes it has 1gig but only 765 usable, the skyrocket is the same as is for most phones now, 2gig of ram will prolly net you 1.6-1.7, jelly bean is pretty light weight.

  • Tommy Leong

1.5g ram ?! htc want to be a loser ?! htc one x is loser , samsung s3 is no 1 android phone ! htc, if u want to be winner ? spec be winner first ! if not , u r the loser ! dont forgrt samsung note 2 have 2g ram !

  • Anonymous

XXXtreme, 17 Sep 20121,5gb ram ??? really ??? this is so fake !!! where have you seen... morewe can se you don't know much things about phones .