Asus unveils ROG Phone 5, Pro and Ultimate with 6.78" 144 Hz AMOLED displays, S888 chipsets

10 March 2021
The Ultimate is one of the first smartphone to be loaded with 18 GB of RAM. It and the Pro have secondary displays on the back.

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i hope asus rog 6's battery is a whole sing cell (not dual battery) and has a fast charging of atleast 50watts or below

  • Anonymous

I am glad it failed. Asus thinks they are Sansung and Apple for charging 50000 for the basic version.

  • AnonD-985481

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021Bad software support? Talk about ToyPhone with ancient hard... moreYou people are literally insane.

  • chrusciki

if it got more then 1 update, i would jump on this. but its soooooo disappointing to spend so much on a phone and not get support....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-985481, 11 Mar 20211300€ phone that will most likely only get 1 major OS updat... moreBad software support? Talk about ToyPhone with ancient hardware and software that is too handicapped. Should be priced no more than 200 Euro

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021800 Euro, not 1200 Euro. This phone has high quality DAC. ... more576 euros if you got friends from India.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-989007, 11 Mar 2021Yeah, let's buy a 1200eur Asus, because it has a headp... more800 Euro, not 1200 Euro.
This phone has high quality DAC. have you ever used premium headphones with a high quality DAC for sound quality??

  • AnonD-985481

1300€ phone that will most likely only get 1 major OS update just like all the other ROG phones. Pathetic. I generally like ASUS for monitors, graphic cards and motherboards, but this is just absolutely terrible and until they improve this I'll never even consider their stuff. This one is great hardware wise and doesn't even look ridiculous, but with such bad software support it's dead on arrival imo.

  • Just.Pele

Anders, 10 Mar 2021That pricing... Asus know no one buys their phones right..? 🤣🤣🤣You mean except for the 500k people who bought the last one. Why are you trying to act like you know what you're talking about when you clearly don't?

  • MrDong

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 11 Mar 2021SERIOUSLY. If ASUS would have a 16 to 18 GIGS of ram. Inter... moreActually let’s be fair, years to come apps will likely require more RAM to run properly, but the next 3 years you might be already buying a new phone. You can’t upgrade the hardware. 18GB of RAM is still LPDDR5 and we might have LPDDR5X or even LPDDR6 later on. Storage may even be NVMe SSD like iPhones.

SERIOUSLY. If ASUS would have a 16 to 18 GIGS of ram. Internal storage should have been somewhere between 2TB to 6TB. What games require more than 8GB of ram to run in the first place?

pauliusb, 10 Mar 2021Same here :) Still stuck with LG V40 as there were no alte... moreI have just one gen. earlier mobile. LG G7+ Thinq. No words to say about its sound quality. It is so powerful and great listing experience.
I am planning to buy this mobile but after checking a few reviews on sound quality specially in in-ear sets. Hope our problem get solved. :D I can understand the role of specs and feeling of not to go ahead with new models with low specs/satisfaction. That Hurts..!! :D

  • Sigh...

ARTE8800, 10 Mar 2021Yuck, weird unusual unbalanced design. Just make it plain ... moreLiterally no one cares what you like or don't like -_-

  • AnonD-989007

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021The jack is back!Yeah, let's buy a 1200eur Asus, because it has a headphone jack, lol. You can find plenty of those in 150-200eur phones. If you go a little up with the price, you can even find some nice quality sound from the headphone jack (example Pixel 4a).

  • AnonD-989007

And which games require 18Gb of ram, Candy Crush? Lol.
Mobile games will always be mobile games. Some of them are nice, I admit, but spending 1200eur for a gaming phone just to play Pubg or Call of Duty Mobile, well I don't get it.

Just take those 1200eur, spend it on some nice 4k TV + a PS5/Xbox Series X and you will be much more satisfied (if you really need to game that is). We are all sitting at home anyway, so no need for "mobility" anymore. And it will be the same in the future too. Because people now developed a taste of working from home.

Yeah, I know people will going to reply to me now, why do you care how people spend their money, bla bla bla. Well I don't, was just a friendly advice. And a good one if I might add. Lol.

  • Anonymous

The jack is back!

  • Diggu

HunBirdie, 10 Mar 2021I won't buy a phone under 240 Hz screen refresh rate, ... moreThen buy a laptop

  • Dewa tirta

ARTE8800, 10 Mar 2021Yuck, weird unusual unbalanced design. Just make it plain ... moreBy the way, why don't you make a phone, if you can't buy one

  • MrDong

[deleted post]Passive cooling is not going to make a huge difference in performance in phones. Remember this is not some PC with active cooling and huge heatsinks/heatpipes or fans that can directly cool the processor.

  • Anonymous

JustSomeRandomGuy, 10 Mar 2021No. They never "removed" it because there never w... moreI was generally speaking, my point was how important SD for price changing.
I hope you understand this time well.