Google shifts its strategy in India for Pixel smartphones, may begin manufacturing some Pixels locally

11 March 2021
Google is aiming for the 30,000-40,000 Rs price range.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2021Condom companies have better customer support than googleOn point.

You become a ghost after sales.
You aspire to compete with Apple, OnePlus and Samsung but act even worse than micromax and lava. The paan sellers have a better customer relationship management strategy compared to pixel support.
Please try and understand it's not only software what Indians aspire, We look for the following whicke ourchasing a smartphone
1. Efficient and effective customer support after sales
2. Decent hardware
3. A good processor
4. Full day battery life
5. Cameras (I absolutely love the main camera but the selfie cam is really poor and the photo processing is really slow.
Plus taking long videos on the phone is a nightmare. It gets heated pretty fast)
6. Price (If we can afford buy iphones, onplus and samsung flagship, then we can buy pixel phones as well)

Pixels don't even have 0.5% market share in the midrange to flagship category.
I bought Google pixel 4a to see how it performs.
I am really sad to say this but my realme 6 had a better hardware performance than this phone in terms of handing temperature, fingerprint unlock and charging.

And please don't believe that US used cases can be replicated here. The whole dynamics is different.

I don't see the Google Pixel dream becoming a reality anytime before 2024 unless it listens to its Indian Customers.

  • Anonymous

Condom companies have better customer support than google

  • SVN

AnonD-989007, 12 Mar 2021Is the little things that matter (no pun intended). My Pixe... moreNeverever buy Pixel Google phones. Their strategy after sales is nightmare and no one in GOOGLE is responsible. They are big stunt doers with out delivering. Be cautious of Google pixel phones, think 100 times before u buy.

  • Anonymous

ggl, 13 Mar 2021Pixels will die since other companies cought up with comput... moreTrue.

  • ayush

ggl, 13 Mar 2021Pixels will die since other companies cought up with comput... moreOther companies are doing it in their flagships. Imo pixel 4a still offers the best camera under 30k. And with production in india, of they bring down the pricing to 20-25k, pixels will really become popular. Apart from camera, pixels would also offer the best software experience in this range.

My small pixel 3 is as good as it was on day 1. Great value. Brilliant perfect size companion and excellent software experience. Looking forward to see the 6

  • Anonymous

How about manufacturing pixels locally in the United States 😒😒😒. Especially since it was google who bought Motorola and stopped production of American assembled phones.

  • ggl

Pixels will die since other companies cought up with computational photography, so what advantage Pixels will have with low end specs and abnormally high prices?

  • dunno

Sam, 12 Mar 2021With Google stopping the free Google photos feature, I say ... moreI have been using 16gb phone for 5 years and never had any problems with space. 256gb is needed only if this is your only storage offline, assuming you have no PC, laptop, etc.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021What Google needs is to have proper after-sales support in ... moretrue, had issues myself (proximity sensor broken)

  • Raj

Always flop in India
Cant compete with OnePlus pricing

Yrs because their phones will cost £100 each and will sell for stupid ppl for 1000

  • Anonymous

What Google needs is to have proper after-sales support in India vs. their current setup. too many negative stories from those who have had to get a warranty or anything to do with replacements

Not sure why this sudden focus on Google pixel devices. 15k 4A devicess got sold and 8k 3A devices sold. All these low numbers are because of pricing and bad service support (slowest). When it comes to premium range, still people will buy them if launched. I purchased pixel 2xl for 65k and still using it since 3 years 3months. Whatever they launch, it will not sell if priced on higher side.

  • Anonymous

Samie, 12 Mar 2021Good decision by Google indeed!! No use of highly priced 5g... moreThen why high rated I phones been sold here

  • Samie

Good decision by Google indeed!! No use of highly priced 5g phones when there is no 5G yet in India, better make here & sell useful affordable phones

  • Sam

kek, 12 Mar 2021You seem to be one of those guys who believe "Bigger i... moreWith Google stopping the free Google photos feature, I say 256GB is just about average.

  • kek

wongwatt, 12 Mar 2021And offer a 256gb and 512gb version for those that want it ... moreYou seem to be one of those guys who believe "Bigger is better".

Why would you need 256gb on a cellphone? What are you planning to store on it?

  • marli

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021They intentionally keep prices high. Do you know why nexus... moreBecause of people. With nexus series google faced problem that people think if device is cheaper than competition, then probably build quality is lover. So google just rise prices and people are happy now.

  • MP11X

SA Woodlawn, 12 Mar 2021The main concern with the majority of the people of subcont... moreI don't believe so.

The point is Indians are much more careful while choosing smartphones.
Most of Indians use their phones for more than couple of years.

Even though I particularly don't like Chinese phones especially because of their UIs & Privacy concerns but Anyone would admit that Chinese phones offers better Hardware for similar/lower price.
Even Samsung can't compete with the likes of Xiaomi or Realme in Hardware offering for similar price.But sSamsung phones still sell good because of their Brand Image & Trust in Brand.

Brand Image & Trust these are the major factors that determine competetiveness of Premium brands in India.