vivo X60 trio is coming to India on March 25

12 March 2021
The X60 Pro+ is powered by the Snapdragon 888 SoC, while the X60 and X60 Pro have an Exynos 1080 at the helm.

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  • Nazim
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  • 13 Mar 2021

Sanjay, 12 Mar 2021Let's see... x60 Indian varients runs on origin or fun... moreI love vivo mobile

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    • Sanjay
    • s89
    • 12 Mar 2021

    Let's see... x60 Indian varients runs on origin or funtouch os ?

      I guess BBK have decided Vivo are the camera phone brand given how the OPPO Find X3 has a generally poor set.
      That's fine by me, these devices are a better size anyway, I just wish that Pro + had wireless charging so that it was a feature complete replacement for the Huawei P30 Pro.
      Tempting nonetheless.

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        • Anonymous
        • y6V
        • 12 Mar 2021

        (Vivo X60 Pro+) To be fair, seeing it around almost the same price as the Mi 11, I think the X60 Pro+ would be a much better option even with the much lesser known software (OriginOS) because of the cameras. I'm really thinking that it would score on the overpaid website DxOMark at least a 136 or 137 getting close to the score of the Mate 40 Pro & 40 Pro+. It would also be much better if it had a glass version with the colors of the regular X60 Pro and the X60.

        Price wise, pricing it around $750 to $900, is actually very much better than getting an iPhone 12 or even a 12 Mini as those two phones are basically inferior to the X60 Pro+.

        No wonder why X60 Pro+ is my favorite, maybe the Mi 11 Ultra or the Mi 11 Pro will push things further and have a better camera setup than the X60 Pro+ but I'm honestly very convinced that it has a much better camera setup compared to the 12 Pro Max.

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          • Mkm
          • 12 Mar 2021

          Anyone know how good Exynos 1080 is compared to Exynos 2100?

          I am not talking about benchmarks, I am talking to about real world performance.
          Does it throttle like Exynos 2100??

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            • AnonD-964130
            • Dk5
            • 12 Mar 2021

            They better give sd 870 variant instead of exynos 1080 then

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              • AnonD-986036
              • tDP
              • 12 Mar 2021

              If X60 Pro has Snapdragon 870, then it is an easy pick. Get X60 Pro. Since it will cost less than $600 just like last year's X50 Pro. Mi 11 in Europe will cost around €749 ($1000). I don't know about the price of the X60 Pro Plus, but i think all three are a great choice. Since X60 Pro Plus in china costs the same as Mi 11. I will get X60 Pro for safe, since X60 Pro Plus, just like SD 888 phones, are prone to overheating, and shutting down apps when it reaches 55°