OnePlus 8T gets its first Open Beta build

12 March 2021
It's still based on Android 11, this is no early access to Android 12 or anything like that.

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I own this OnePlus 8T and very satisfied with all the features. Best battery life, no lag, camera ok coz i am not a profesional cameraman and many.. There will be a warning which one of all your apps draining the battery fast and you can just delete or restrict it not running at the background..

  • Anonymous

Disable automatic system updates & never update the stock stable ROM that can in the box. Delete some system apps or disable them & restrict their data access & once in a while wipe data & factory reset.

  • Anonymous

CK, 13 Mar 2021Oneplus is like that they do not respond to your problems, ... moreGood advice. Learned the hard way with Xiaomi. Every update is actually a downgrade even on stable version. Oneplus is taking that route too. It's called planned obsolescence. Destroy old phones to force customers to buy their new ones, but after a bad experience I wouldn't buy again from the same company. Plenty to choose from.

  • Anonymous

Afifahmed, 13 Mar 2021I'm having battery draining issues 😠 Battery drains 2... moreBetttry is not good

  • CK

Afifahmed, 13 Mar 2021I'm having battery draining issues 😠 Battery drains 2... moreOneplus is like that they do not respond to your problems, its better to not update your phone to the latest version and stay on the stock version you got the phone with.

"Still based on android 12"? Millions and millions of smartphones in the world are still in Android 9, forget about 12 hahaha

  • Afifahmed

I'm having battery draining issues 😠
Battery drains 25 to 30 percentage at stand-by
OnePlus is not responding to my problem

  • Anonymous

$700 for 8t. Meaning the OnePlus 9 will be around $899
But rumour is 1+ 9 has a plastic frame "not great" the 8t will be a better choice if that's the case. As for OnePlus 9 pro the price will likely be $1,199 or more

  • AnonD-989007

Nice phone with great specs, had it for about 2 weeks. Some problems with the battery made me return it. It was an unpacked bought product (30% discount, I paid 500EUR for it), maybe that's why.
I didn't change it with another one thou, with so many options in the market, I just jump ship to other manufacturers (first iphone, then Xiaomi, now Google, lol). Also, because another one would have cost me 700EUR. I ended up paying 700EUR for an iphone 11, lol. Which I also return, because it was far inferior than the OnePlus 8T. I think it will my last iphone, at least in the next 2-3 years.

Imo, OnePlus came a long way since its early days. Maybe they are more expensive now than in the past, but the quality have increased too. The only thing I didn't like about it was the camera (compared to other phones in the same price range, 700EUR).
Even the unboxing itself was nice compared to other phones. My current Pixel 4a box for example was boring, remind me of the classic phone boxes in the past. Lol.

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021Nice. Gonna miss the days when OS/wrappers have their QA do... moreOh yeah. they someone you need to March 23 2021!

  • Anonymous

Nice. Gonna miss the days when OS/wrappers have their QA done by hired employees and come fully baked for a smooth customer experience, instead of using paying customers as beta testers.

I get that some people are more than happy to jump in early and get a hands on feel of stuff, but "willing beta testers" can be changed to "unpaid gig workers risking bricked phones" and nothing of value will be lost.