This is the OnePlus Watch

20 March 2021
It's an officially endorsed leak.

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  • AbeyCity

They aren't copying realme. It's a watch, what else do you want in it

  • stef

what the hell is an "official endorsed leak" ? :))))

  • Razr

I was eagerly waiting for Oneplus Watch with WearOS. Looks like I have to wait for the upcoming Moto watches. Hope they don't ditch WearOS.

I mean it's great that one plus did an analog type of watch instead of a wanna-be look-alike apple watch oppo already did that. every smartwatch besides apple is an analog watch there's really nothing else like square and circle is the only reasonable shape for a watch not some bendable bulky watch like zte's

  • NS


  • Anonymous

No 3rd apps support is a BIG NO.

Amazfit and Xiaomi are producing similar "smart" watches for a decade now, but they are no close match to Samsung's Tizen, and Apple watch is whole another world when it comes to fluidness and support (if only battery would be as good).

So, with custom OS...i'm not expecting this watch to be any better.
Only thing that i expect from this watch is to be overpriced version of a OPPO watch

OnePlus is now copying realme 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

I feel like they are about 5 years too late to this whole smartwatch thing

  • Krishna


You mean - this is OnePlus Active 2?

Nothing special. Looks just like a Samsung Galaxy Active

  • Anonymous

Wouldn't surprise me if Oneplus didn't even develop this....just use some non name smartwatch maker in China and slapped Oneplus on it.

Looks like the samsung galaxy watch active somehow

Cool :D