Realme 8 Pro unveiled with 108 MP main camera, 50W dart charging, Realme 8 tags along

24 March 2021
The two phones are quite similar to the Realme 7 and 7 Pro. The 8 Pro has a far better camera, but little else has changed (not even the chipset).

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  • lucas

first it amazing this phone its really best

Realme 8 has 5000mhz pro 4500mha reason for claimed better battery life

Still using the same SD 720G chipset? Looks like the Realme 6 Pro is still a good buy for me. If the 8 Pro's main camera has OIS, then I would consider looking at the 8 Pro. But since there isn't one, I see no point to upgrade over the 6 Pro.

P.S I could have made another comment about 8K video recording resolution capability since the 8 Pro is using a gigantic 108MP sensor as the main camera, but I'm not really bothered with that at all.


Woohoo, 25 Mar 2021First fix the lag & stuttering on the 7 Pro after andro... morerealme said: why bothering with your old realme 7 pro, come on buy our new realme 8 pro, its have great "108 mp camera".

  • Anonymous

Mikeromeoz, 24 Mar 2021Let's list the downgrades this time, on the pro versio... moreGod I love the stereo speakers on my Redmi Note 10, probaby won't buy a phone without stereo speakers ever again

The days are about to over "with these kinda leaps" for realme

  • mehboob

I still don't understand that why realme has not fixed external mic issue yet. else in pro version refresh rate should be more than default.

IpsDisplay, 24 Mar 2021Huh this is in regards to the redmi note 10 line that has a... moreHe might be commenting in regards to your abject lack of rationality.

A phone comprises of different components. It's a whole, not a fraction. No one is going out to buy a SoC or display and use. If you have any bit of rationality, you'd know to judge a product in-whole, not in-parts.

What's the value offering of the phone in relation to the price???

You'd still not answer it coherently, because you're simply incapable of doing so. You'd make a very biased reviewer if you were ever to be one.

Like some have said here, go for what you want: The SD732 on RN10P isn't good enough for you? Look towards the Poco F3/Redmi K40. It has a flagship level SoC. But it doesn't have IpsDisplay? The Poco X3 Pro has your back. Oh, you don't like it's design or camera specs? You want a perfect phone that goes for budget price? Go make yours!

IpsDisplay, 24 Mar 2021Right because when a phone is being developed no leaks happ... moreRight, because you know when the 2 went into development, how? Lol.

And, Realme had details of Redmi offerings and ENOUGH time to make necessary changes, according to you, but still happen to get well beat. Keep off whatever you're taking. Not doing you good.

There are many phones out there with both AMOLED and 108MP, but I bet you're oblivious of that.

  • Disappointed

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021I don't know why, but I get the feeling from reading t... moreYou are correct. Some reviewers didn't even try to be political and just straight up calling the 8 Pro a backward leap.

  • Woohoo

First fix the lag & stuttering on the 7 Pro after android 11 update, it was much smoother on android 10

  • Anonymous

With poco aggressive pricing, this series definitely DOA . .

Expect realme to recycle the left over part for next few months ..

  • Anonymous

I don't know why, but I get the feeling from reading the editor of this article, that he/she is totally disillusioned with Realme 8 Pro (like me and others).

Facepalm, 24 Mar 2021The Poco F3 with SD870 is only a bit more pricey than the R... moreHuh this is in regards to the redmi note 10 line that has a 7 series chipset

What does this have to so with the F3 that has a flagship grade 8 series why would I call an 8 series phone a weak processor???

  • George

If "DARE TO LEAP" is the biggest issue for some people there is the punk black version which has nothing but a total black surface on the back. But i doubt this is the only issue...
Can't wait for the full review to confirm also the camera's bad performance rumors. Btw why it takes so long to post it? I thought it was ready after the release as it usually happens.
At the moment we got an idea already thanks to youtubers.

Cyberchum, 24 Mar 2021 Yes, the Xiaomi phones announced just 2 weeks ago influen... moreRight because when a phone is being developed no leaks happen along the product supply chain

According to you its influence is only 2 weeks after it releases huh?? Lol

  • Flo

Image quality need seriously improvements on realme 8 pro. Colors are oversatured. Front of redmi note 10 pro, redmi win so far...

  • Just Maybe

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021I can't understand the compo 108mp and weak processor.... moreBingo, yep samsung always make agreement to the buyer of their amoled lcd for buy their camera sensor too because samsung want to beat sony sensor sales. Maybe buy 1 get 1 or samsung give discount if u buy their package deal ( amoled lcd+camera sensor).

  • blue.sun

Even the basic A52 is better, not to mention A52 5G.

  • Anonymous

I can't understand the compo 108mp and weak processor.. Not only from realme but even from xiaomi.. Maybe samsung forced them so they could buy the amoled screens on discount lol