Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 gets "full screen" AMOLED display, Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro also  unveiled

29 March 2021
The pill-shaped display on the band covers most of the front. Also, it has an SpO2 sensor.

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FullmetalJun, 29 Mar 2021Don't understand why they can't add always on dis... moreDefinitely on the 7th

    VaibVaib, 30 Mar 2021Amazfit is much betterAre you kidding me?
    Amazfit is in Xiaomi ecosystem and their most famous&welcomed products is Miband
    All Miband from Miband 1 to Miband 6 are made byAmazfit

      Amazfit is much better

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        • massoud
        • 6k5
        • 29 Mar 2021

        Without gps it's useless. It's same as before just added some kids toys to it.
        There is too many other cheeper option.
        Xiaomi is going to loose the market with this policy.

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          • 8pro
          • nDy
          • 29 Mar 2021

          Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021I read (somewhere) that there was a GPS on board, there doe... moreFor what it's worth you can buy now every month... You can't expect to get a GPS accurate module in a tiny cheap fitness band. It doesn't get cheaper than this for its features...

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            • Raky
            • 0kn
            • 29 Mar 2021

            So, basically it is Amazfit band 5 with a little bit bigger screen.

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              • GreekGeek
              • SiJ
              • 29 Mar 2021

              Would buy it if it had GPS and always on screen , no matter the cost.

                Don't understand why they can't add always on display for the Mi Band 6

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                  • AnonD-985481
                  • puk
                  • 29 Mar 2021

                  No always-on display I presume?

                    I have the Mi Band 4 still. I love it - except or the fact that there is no Hebrew support for incoming messages, and - I assume - other languages as well?

                    I suspect maybe RTL languages are an issue.

                    I hope that they increase language compatibility this time around.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • uGQ
                      • 29 Mar 2021

                      I read (somewhere) that there was a GPS on board, there does NOT seem to be a GPS GNSS so THAT is a deal breaker for me (and others...). No deal. I bought the last one "5" and it was a disappointment.

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                        • 0xQ
                        • 29 Mar 2021

                        Im a big fan of mi bands. I had all of them since 3rd gen. Not shure I'll buy No.6 But if bracelet size is really the same as No.5 I might get some colours.

                          MVTecman, 29 Mar 2021Just after the 2 hour 10 minute mark in the launch video, I... moreThere was no mention of blood pressure tracking in the specs we received. We'll probably review the band, so we'll clear that up.

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                            • kek
                            • GBh
                            • 29 Mar 2021

                            needless to say, what a great design Xiaomi did on that Smart Band. Seems they got a good designer on their team

                              Just after the 2 hour 10 minute mark in the launch video, I heard the English translator say "24-hour BP tracking" as one of the new features on Mi Band 6, so did GSMArena miss it, or has it been confused with heart rate monitoring/ blood oxygen measurement - both 2 different things entirely? Or did the Xiaomi translator get it wrong...lol.

                              Please clarify or edit. Great post otherwise and very timely, just minutes after the launch. Thank you!

                              The recorded video is available on many YouTube channels and Xiaomi will have one too soon I guess, once the entire in-house event is over late at night China time.

                              So no GPS as expected, and no Pomodoro timer since both were not announced but tipsters claimed were being introduced? Would have been great if they were included, and made Mi Band 6 truly outstanding.

                              Not that the huge Amoled screen is any less great - it looks awesome in the images. Most people take bands and watches at face value and don't know that 9 out of 10 devices don't have a properly working app in the first place. Thankfully, the Mi app is the best so far, and the Mi bands have been class leading with 4 & 5, and now 6 too.

                              If they keep the same price or an increase of about 10% or so globally, it will beat every other band and most budget smartwatches. Hope it's available soon near us!

                                yearly update of my Miband5

                                  Much better than oneplus band

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                                    • Dkd
                                    • 29 Mar 2021

                                    When the mi band 6 will be available in india ?