Oppo A54 unveiled with a 5,000 mAh battery, Helio P35 chipset

30 March 2021
The phone was introduced to the media in Indonesia, sales will begin on April 1.

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  • vin
  • fnY
  • 11 Jan 2022

Really goodphone. i made the right choice

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    • m2J
    • 31 Mar 2021

    sq2013, 30 Mar 2021I don't see any issues with this phone in terms of the... moredimensity 700 and 800 are good too and they are in the lower price phones. And probably Redmi note 10 with the sd678 or it's 5G version will cost around same as this Oppo A54 by few months when the first demand have been meet and price will balance out

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      • m2J
      • 31 Mar 2021

      Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021Very goooood chosen advertisement It says exactly what thi... moreCause you cant do pretty much anything with the phone then you charge it like once in a week. And i dont understand you talking about low quality videos. What prevents high quality video watching on this phone ? Like even Android go phones that are with 1gb ram and the most low end chip can still show good quality video. The quality you get from youtube or other sites or netflix is the quality you see on the phone with it's ability of it's screen

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        • sq2013
        • 7Pp
        • 30 Mar 2021

        I don't see any issues with this phone in terms of the hardware. Not everyone needs a really powerful phone. Just one that can browse the internet and make calls, send SMS and do a bit of social media. The problem is purely the pricing. A phone like this is fine but price it accordingly. 90 euros. No more than that. Well perhaps, 100. That's fine but otherwise they're just setting themselves up for a fall. You can buy a redmi note 8 pro for less than this.This chipset scores under 190,000 on antutu. They're crazy asking for 185 dollars. That's 155 euros. You can get the redmi note 9 for 133 USD on AliExpress. It's using a pretty decent Helio G85. I think it may be time to stop with the P series chips from mediatek. The G70, G80, G85, G90 and G90T are very good processors, particularly the G90T and the dimensity chipsets are really, really good. The dimensity 1000 and 1200 are flagship level. The P20, P25, P22, P35 and P65 are not really good enough anymore.

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          • Nick
          • JKw
          • 30 Mar 2021

          A52 - Snapdragon 665
          A53/A53s - Snapdragon 460
          A54 - Helio P35

          A55 - Helio P22? :D

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            • guy
            • fnH
            • 30 Mar 2021

            Sad what happens to these companies, they start by releasing really good value phones and then get greedy and release phones like this

              Is this an april fools joke???? What is this crap???? Are they trying to bump up the price to something like the samsung a12 which uses the helio p35 too

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                • What
                • tZ4
                • 30 Mar 2021

                BBK is getting eccentric with their successor models. The Realme 8 Pro is basically a 7 Pro with upgraded camera but downgrades in some areas. And now the Oppo A54 is more expensive but worse than the A53. The A53 had 90Hz HD+ display and more powerful SD460. Head scratching stuff!

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                  • Shsis
                  • Uia
                  • 30 Mar 2021

                  A52 is way better than this and the a53 and a53s. SDM 665 is better than both SDM 460 and helio p35, has fhd, big battery and actually an ultrawide cam

                    GLENN Mc, 30 Mar 2021At least it has USB-TypeC... But other than that. It's... moreusb type c is standard for a smartphone

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                      • J5s
                      • 30 Mar 2021

                      Very goooood chosen advertisement
                      It says exactly what this freak can do...
                      You can only do with this phone is make calls, watch low quality videos and each night charge it again.
                      Actually with P35 sheepset, you can play color tetris also :D

                        At least it has USB-TypeC... But other than that. It's not worth it

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                          • Tarak
                          • KLU
                          • 30 Mar 2021

                          Crazy pricing for that kind of chipset.

                            HUGE downgrade from a52

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                              • WONTON
                              • wrg
                              • 30 Mar 2021

                              ha..ha...rp.2.699.000 with that spec, please go to h**l oppo. with redmi note 10 will release today in indonesia this expensive crap will d.o.a