Samsung Galaxy Buds2 found in APK teardown

30 March 2021
These will likely be Samsung's next flagship TWS earbuds.

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  • 20 May 2021

Ivo., 02 Apr 2021Samsung still can't figure out how to make wireless bu... moreYou should try the Buds+ before judging so quickly, the sound is amazing.

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    • jMx
    • 02 Apr 2021

    Samsung still can't figure out how to make wireless buds with great sound! I have the Samsung Buds Live, and they are very comfortable and with great battery life, but they sound horrible in comparison with the best sounding buds out there - Bose, nothing comes even close! So, I use the Bose Sport Earbuds, especially for running, and the Samsung as a backup. The crappy Apple buds are not good for running or sound quality - they are just junk!

      How can anyone complain about more options? :D The more the better. I will rather take one more samsung model over 100 chinese brands.

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        • Hamburger
        • YTy
        • 31 Mar 2021

        Samsung hasn't been releasing any ear buds with Apt X bluetooth codec recently. Will this new buds be any different? I hope it has AptX or AptX Adaptive so we can have low latency buds for videos and games, plus better sound quality.

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          • 31 Mar 2021

          multipoint is a software feature and can be provided to both buds live and buds pro. bluetooth 4.0 and above is convenient on hardware side. I think this will be a buds live successor in august. jabra already has it.

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            • YfB
            • 31 Mar 2021

            Rk100, 30 Mar 2021Already new ones? The honestly don't need to make so m... moreWell they are different lines. Gbuds/ gbuds+ are the entry level without anc. I assume gbuds2 is a direct replacement for the gb+. Gbuds pro is with anc and is likely a replacement for the flop that is galaxy beans. Essentially it is just 2 products if you dont count the obsolete beans

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              • 31 Mar 2021

              Its probably a slightly redesigned Buds+ to compete with the upcomimg AirPods 3

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                • 6v0
                • 30 Mar 2021

                Already new ones? The honestly don't need to make so many, just one or 2 solid pair would do.

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                  • 30 Mar 2021

                  How many headphones Jesus