Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite in for review

04 April 2021
This one has a Snapdragon 732G and only 4G support.

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Please let us know, someone using this phone about this Widewine issue, as to whether it supports FHD streaming or not? Thankss

  • Danarman

Have notification led? RGB or single color? Where is it?

  • Mika

Contain sd card?

L, 07 Apr 2021I agree to what you had point out. Just my view to the prev... moreNah, if they really want, they could put the Jack even with the bezel, there is also the diagonal size where the Vivo X5Max (at least the 5.1mm thick one) is 5.5" while the Mi 11 Lite is 6.55", and the Jack port definitely was longer than the bezel was thick anyway.

But as I always said, the best solution would be to, rather than simply ditching the USB and Jack port without alternatives, replace them with magnetic connectors (like the magnetic connector the last LG Flagship with the dual display case had).
Like this :
And this :
Despite having one Con, which is that the user must either always have the compatible USB to Magnetic cable with him, or he must always carry the adapter, although my Fictional Concept Smartphone design fix this issue by basically incorporating it with a pen :
It has 4 removable segments which contain a Magnetic to USB-C adapter, Magnetic to Micro USB adapter, and Magnetic to Lightning adapter for the digital part, and a Magnetic to 3.5mm Jack adapter for the analog, though the 3D model is simplified as I envisioned it having a frame where those adapters get into, and not them simply stacking.

For the Pros :
*Take near no internal space as it is built in the body of the device.
*Can't be damaged, broken or worn down by bending/pulling on the cable and with time by plugging and unplugging it.
*Is totally dustproof and waterproof (yes, not just water/dust resistant) as it is a pass-through thing there are no opening.
*It is cheaper and simpler to make, rather than the whole Jack assembly, you just make contact pins/circles.
*It allows to have direct compatibility with all Jack size and all USB and Lightning cables thanks to adapters, in fact even other standards like HDMI, DisplayPort, etc can be compatible.
*It opens a door to make a brand-new standard for data and charge that doesn't need to be directly back-compatible (when using no adapters) with previous ones, hence gaining performances, meaning this magnetic connector would allow higher data bandwidth and power while still using, through a simple ID pin, and a really simple multiplexer, a complete compatibility for other existing standard, we could also make a new fast charging standard that would work like OnePlus by having the controller moved to the charger, meaning not only less heat during charge, but if it is an open source standard buying a newer charger could mean having a faster charge on the same phone.
*The phone part doesn't need to contain the magnet, the cable/adapter part would rather have it alone, so when the magnets lose their power with time, it is only a matter of changing the adapter/cable and not the device.

And it still counts as a portless device, as technically it is a connector but not a port.
And because of how it works, the user still has a 100% native USB/Lightning support, but ultra-thin products could have a low profile variant that allow to still work flawlessly as a device is often either thick enough or wide enough but rarely none at once.

MADHAVA, 07 Apr 2021is xiomi mi 11 lite 5g comes with wireless chargingNo i think

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Redmi airdots S cost 15$ so...., Not reaaally something C... moreDon’t talk to me about flagships I only like mid rangers


is xiomi mi 11 lite 5g comes with wireless charging

  • L

Demongornot, 06 Apr 2021But considering that something like the Redmi Note 10 with ... moreI agree to what you had point out. Just my view to the previous VIVO X5 Max (4.75mm), there are big bezel with 69% screen-to-body ratio. Compared to most recent Mi11 Lite (6.8mm) there are Small bezel with 85% screen-to-body ratio.

I'm not sure whether the screen with less bezel design and only 6.8mm body thickness will cause the limitation to place the headphones jack. Without the headphones jack, the Mi11 Lite had provide the headphones dongle that included in their package.

May be someone will do analyze on that soon.

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021No I disagree, the 6xx is midrange while 700 serie is upper... moreBut considering that something like the Redmi Note 10 with his SD678 have 277.254 score on Antutu, it brings the 732G closer to low range SoC like the 6xx series than the higher end 7xx ones that belong to midrange.
The number of the series doesn't represent the range, like the difference between the Mi11, Mi11 Pro and M11 Ultra, or the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra for example.

And I didn't argue against that, I am for variety and diversity, so phones with better and also less camera, as well as phones without 5G, different price and performances range are all fine for me, what I don't like is how the 3.5mm Jack is being removed even of non high-end phones while previously many of them kept it.
Mainly considering it add nothing to the cost, weight, nor take any relevant internal space, while still being actively used by a huge number of people.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 06 Apr 2021The SoC is more of a low midrange than anything else. Keep... moreNo I disagree, the 6xx is midrange while 700 serie is upper midrange while 4xx is entry level
5g is expensive, uses more battery, and we need like 10000000 years to have 5g in our country (not really this crazy number, but I think you understood what I mean)
As for performance, yes I know that there is a huge difference but they 350k is still respectable and I think is better than sd 845 or close to it
I am not a camera man at all, I am all about performance, for people with limited budget they get the 4g version otherwise the 5g , you have choice man, if you want the 5g version with better performance get it
As for me I prefer the poco f3
And 350k is not entry level or low or even mid midrange soc
But for me I have sd 855 mi 9 so, I will go for the poco f3 even tho I really like the mi 11 lite wich seems very premuim and sleek but even the 780 5g is still not a worthy upgrade so for me its poco f3 or second hand mi 11 next year
I will still use the mi 9 this year its still very good

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021It is 6.8mm thick if you want THIIICCC phones because of he... moreYeah, a 4.75mm thin phone can have a 3.5mm Jack https://youtu.be/Ijssm6Qv5nE?t=845
But a 6.8mm phone can't? Sure.

And who told you that I wanted the 3.5mm Jack for audio, how can you be so sure that it isn't for one of the many other applications that use analog and doesn't work with a dongle?
Who tell you it isn't the opposite and I don't want to be able to use a 450€+ wired headphone?
Who tell you the dongle this particular brand/phone has doesn't scatter away the quality or is compatible with what I want/have?

Seriously, what is the point of supporting the removal of the 3.5mm Jack except trying to stand out or to spread BS or to be mean and annoy people?
What if we simply removed the poor security Bluetooth and have you use USB Bluetooth adapter instead? Would you still be in favor of removing stuff or using adapters/dongles?

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021It has a 10 bit 900nits super amoled A+ E4 flagship level d... moreThe SoC is more of a low midrange than anything else.
Keep in mind we are talking about the Snapdragon 732G SoC of the 4G version, which is much less powerful than the Snapdragon 780G of the 5G version.

Kimovil give the 4G version a 355.871 Antutu score while the 5G version has a 567.671 score, that's night and day.
There are other differences than the SoC :
The display seems different too.
And at 300 you are more on the low range to mid range transition than mid to high range.

But still, it is for sure not a high range, and prior, any non-high range still had high chances to get a 3.5mm Jack...

  • Anonymous

Certified Gamer, 05 Apr 2021Nope I’m not a rich boi like youHahahahahaha lmfao

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 05 Apr 2021Well it was a deeply shit response then. In case you didn&... moreIt is 6.8mm thick if you want THIIICCC phones because of headphone jack then buy samsung or any other company Lol
if you can't afford 15$ to buy redmi airdots S or if you can't afford a 1$ usb dongle, then you should not even buy this beautiful phone

  • Anonymous

WisdomousWanderer, 05 Apr 2021I'm curious about 10 bit display. What difference woul... moreWhat you need to know is that this is a flagship level display
And you need to know that 10 bit display are very expensive

  • Anonymous

Certified Gamer, 05 Apr 2021Whyyyyyyyy Xiaomi the no 3.5mm is just a deal breaker for m... moreRedmi airdots S cost 15$ so....,
Not reaaally something
Can you give me a flagship phone (except sony) that has a 3.5mm jack ???

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 05 Apr 2021This is a low midrange phone, and it doesn't have a 3.... moreIt has a 10 bit 900nits super amoled A+ E4 flagship level display and with an upper midrange soc and with flagship level build and with stereo speakers and with upper midrange cameras
Why you said low midrange, its literally a flagship in everything except the soc, as for cameras even the iphone 12 has small sensors so its mostly the upper midrange soc that doesn't make it a truly flagship

  • Anonymous

WisdomousWanderer, 05 Apr 2021So, let's say a normal usage is videos, movies, social... moreObviously, it will eliminated issues of colour banding,
It will also increase colour accuracy of the display.
Wide colour gamut.

I guess Samsung GW3 64mp will perform better than HM2 108mp at night

  • Mike preacher

If it has like 5G support it would have been much preferable I can't just understand you guys should give us something more cool