vivo X60 series scores twice as many pre-booking as the X50 family

01 April 2021
Today is the last day of the pre-booking period, the trio goes on sale tomorrow through Amazon, Flipkart and vivo's official online store.

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  • Nik

Samsung S21 ultra being exynos resulting in heating issues and lost the battle in DxO mark against vivo x50 pro itself (which scored higher than iphone 12 series too).

Naturally demand for x60 pro plus increase in flagship segment as matching alternatives are not upto mark here in India.

I have seen comparisons between the Vivo x60 pro+ and other flagships and I was very impressed to see the Vivo come in many aspects ON PAR with the S21U in Photo/Video. This phone has a BEAST of a camera

  • Hanns

Bring x60 pro + to europe at goot price. I want that more then mi11 ultra.

  • Anonymous

So they sold tree-fiddy phones as a pre-order this time around. Good for them. 350 for the record books, here we come!

  • Anonymous

Vivo x60 pro+ or xiaomi 11 ultra?

That last quote made me cringe...have they not seen the disappointments in terms of their audio quality and battery life...?

so thats 42?