Report: LG to exit mobile business after all

01 April 2021
It's looking like the end of the road for LG Mobile.

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  • Thinker

At least they have to release lg quick memo app, so users can restore the notrs into other apps

  • Anonymous

thanks for sharing this information...

i just bought LG V60 1 week back and now i got this news...what a tragedy!! i just hope that i would be getting software updates.

Better later than newer.
LG brand was nothing just expensive gimmicks not worth compared to other competition.

  • LG super fan

I am so sad to see LG go. I remember my first phone was Sony, then a Sanyo, then an LG and another LG, then Sony. And sadly all these players are gone. I fondly remember LG Chocolate the the Dare before the Android revolution. They fought hard but the Android market is just too crowded with all the Chinese players on the low end and Apple and Samsung too strong on the high end. I thought LG could stake out the mid range but that is too crowded as well.

Nick Tegrataker, 05 Apr 2021I think you'll find this particular review by Anandtec... moreHi, I read that article and find out that partially it is a very correct fact. What I saw in numbers is a big difference but when you see that in practical life, It is not making noticeable change. And right now, I am not sure if this article is valid or not because it was posted Aug 9, 18. After that in Nov. 18 there was a big update which included a lot of change including display updates and camera flash re-work in color photos. And I agree, before that update I was having Blue color issues but after that update I never had any noticeable difference in terms of viewing. I mostly checking white balance in lightroom and trust me the difference is like +-200 pts which you can find in DSLRs also. Or may be set he/she received had some issues as we all know that this mobile was too much faulty (Backlight bleed, unresponsive screen, auto brightness and auto screen color issue) at the time of launch. But later solved through updates. Luckily, I got the almost perfect set.

Muzik, 04 Apr 2021I have LG G7+ thinq and i am doing graphic design (Photogra... moreI think you'll find this particular review by Anandtech helpful.


This move is long overdue. Cya, LG...too bad you didn't listen to the market and go out on a high.

  • Optimizer

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021sony doesn't sell everywhere, lg in comparison selling... moreSony is already profiting with its business model of Xperia.

  • Anonymous

april 1 , april fools

Nick Tegrataker, 03 Apr 2021G7's IPS display had a laughably bad colour calibratio... moreI have LG G7+ thinq and i am doing graphic design (Photography/products). I am not agree on your photo editing part color accuracy because whenever i click any photo, i mostly edited them with a gallery app and sent to print via any means and i never had any issues with what i saw on phone vs what i get on paper. I am not sure what kind of color accuracy you are talking about? It will be helpful if you can elaborate on this. Thanks

Kek, 01 Apr 2021LG's issues arent new and they started back in G4/V10 ... moreAgreed.
But, we have to live in the present. I can prepare a list of manufacturers whose early devices were buggy as hell, sometimes for as long as a decade, including Nokia, Moto, etc,

What matters is, today they sorted it out. G8x is not bad by any means.
And I got it for around $250, its a Snapdragon 855 with Quad DAC in this pricing... so, you're definitely right but its a matter of the past.
Why should LG close today when they've sorted stuff out? No business exists without problems at one level or other, doesn't mean they must give up.

  • Kraziee

I've been a big lg for years. I had the lg flip phone. Then had the g3 which was the best phone. I had that phone for almost 4 years before i had problems. My insurance upgraded me to the g4 which sucked!! I bought the v30 which was good phone. I now have the v50 not really a fan of it. I was hoping lg would would come out with a better phone. Sadly i see they're not! Hopefully sometime in the future they'll come back better then ever!

I guess RoG Phone seems to be the only one that has an equivalent of a Sabre/Quad DAC. My ATH-M50X sounded better there and I was thinking of getting Verum One MK. 2 because I believe that this DAC will not need an expensive amplifier.

  • Nick

LG phones were one of the best, never had any hardware issues and battery lifespan was great. I guess my next phone might be a Sony, since they also adopted Qnovo.

  • LynX

you only need to try an LG phone once to realize you never have to buy any LG phone ever again

  • Kuba

Big LG fan here starting with legendary G2.
What killed LG were:
1. Poor updates
2. Too many regional versions.( You couldn't buy US or Korea model and use it globally, they had bands restricted).
3. Pulling out of Chinese market.

  • Anonymous

Rareart1, 03 Apr 2021Sony might try to sell its mobile division at some doesn't sell everywhere, lg in comparison selling in so many countries to have such terrible sales is worse...but sure sony should try to get better traction and return state side like they used to, altho the reason they stopped was due to poor sales, the problem is just people will continue to go for apple and samsung, same reason htc had to hang it up, nokia and microsoft phones too

OnLyPOCOcAnBeaTaPOCO, 01 Apr 2021In my country they already left in 2017 with the LG V30 (a ... moreThe s8 fits comfortably in my hands. The v30 is very uncomfortable in my hands. The s8 is a better option.

Phones fan, 01 Apr 2021Sony should learn from LG mistakes before it's too late.Agreed.