Redmi exec hints new devices will arrive in April

02 April 2021
Rumors have pointed to a gaming Redmi phone powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200 chipset.

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  • AmazonWhat

Info, 03 Apr 2021Because the Redmi Note 10 Pro is selling like hot cakes whe... moreAnd Amazon it´s low in intelligence: It´s offering only the 6/64GB version, not the 6/128GB. Maybe best selling phone in this year and Amazon selling same official price of xiaomi and not the 6/128Gb lol...

Me too. I miss 6-6.3 inch little beauties.

  • Anonymous

Alvin, 02 Apr 2021If the phone company play around the specs with customers,d... moreVoting with your wallet no longer works as your move (not buying a jackless phone) is obliterated by the mass who buy BT only phones.

AnonD-993141, 03 Apr 2021Yeah and how do you think they are bringing prices down? ... moreaww, not the information data bs again, im not sure if you know this but all companies are using this ploy, its like an open secret, All companies, even the high and mighty apple. Google have already have included this on thier Eula, FB got in trouble with this, but they continue doing it. So im not sure, were you are getting at..., Just stop doing weird searches on your porn history and your good. hahaha

Wish Redmi could launch something more compact with 6 inch screen and G95 chipset

  • Info

Mr x, 02 Apr 2021new phone again?then release with limited stock, like wht h... moreBecause the Redmi Note 10 Pro is selling like hot cakes wherever it's introduced. I think Xiaomi never expected the overwhelming demand for the model. I hope they will ramp up production for popular models like Note 10 Pro and Poco F3.

  • AnonD-993141

GSM Boy, 03 Apr 2021yes, kudos to Redmi/Xiaomi team for bringing this tech down... moreYeah and how do you think they are bringing prices down?
Do you think Xiaomi is just a nice company thinking only to its customers, never on profit? Lol.
When a product is free you are the product. Just ask "Zucky" about this.

  • sq2013

It would be useful if all the sellers of these new devices actually could tell you if they had stock or if there will be a wait. I bought the poco F3 5 days ago and the Poco store literally never said anything about the order on AliExpress. Said on the order placement ships within three days. I simply asked if they were still awaiting stock.. no response. I just cancelled and got a refund.. I'll stick with my current phone. I expected a wait but literally no communication when you're paying nearly three hundred euros is unacceptable.

  • AnonD-993141

Brace yourselves, "flood season" is coming.

Aierlan, 02 Apr 2021Yeah, this often happens with Xiaomi. Their best value mode... moreYes, I would hold my breath for the mi11 ultra coming to my country as well. A lot of people waited for a month just to get a hold of the mi10t after it was released officially and have ordered online.

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2021Imagine having a 300€ phone with a better E4 1300nits amole... moreyes, kudos to Redmi/Xiaomi team for bringing this tech down to the 300 usd price range. A lot of people are complaining that Xiaomi is saturating this with a lot of models, but does not realize that by doing so, is making other companies to bring their prices down. Oppo/vivo/realme is slashing all their prices just to keep up with redmi on their online sales. its a great win for consumer.

  • More

Xiaomi (Poco, Redmi), does not stop bringing phones to the market. If anyone thinks it's good, it's not. They just want to cover the whole range. The worst thing is that with these quantities of phones, updates are difficult and dedicated upgrades impossible.

  • Hitesh

Alvin, 02 Apr 2021If the phone company play around the specs with customers,d... moreYes bro they always make customers fool by not changing specs and features, they only change brand name

So having more phones with chargers is more environment friendly compared to less phone without chargers

  • Alvin

Yuri84, 02 Apr 2021I just hope these new phones keep headphone jack. I can... moreIf the phone company play around the specs with customers,don't buy.

  • Anonymous

Imagine having a 300€ phone with a better E4 1300nits amoled display, with a better soc, with a better glass back vs plastic back, with about the same quality speakers, with about the same or even better vibration motor, and all of these are better than a 1000€ S21 exynos for example (1000€ is the launch price)
For a person who don't need the best cameras, its actually better in every aspect and in some of them is equal to him, but I know its less in cameras,

  • Mas

Redmi 10????

  • Anonymous

Finally!! I was worried for a moment Xiaomi didn’t get to announce some new phones as I breath!

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 02 Apr 2021Seems like Xiaomi is trying to beat Realme's GT Neo.Looks like it. I'm actually surprised the competitor beat them to it. Now if only they'll make their upcoming Dimensity 1200 phone available in countries where their direct competitor won't, then they'd have no competition. But I have a feeling the realme GT neo won't be released in my location and neither will this upcoming Redmi phone.

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2021And the post is from S21 UltraNo the guy saying 0 devices is from s21 ultra. the redmi guy is using k40 pro