Realme X7 Pro Ultra announced: curved screen, triple camera, and Dimensity 1000+

02 April 2021
It's already available for purchase in China.

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So Ultra is a downgrade now?
- lower refresh rate
- worse primary sensor
- 1 less camera (even though it was a useless 2MP depth sensor anyway)

  • Dhdka

Very ultra indeed wink wink

  • Anonymous

Dare to leap should be bigger :D

  • Anonymous

Bigmeme, 02 Apr 2021Meh! Can get a redmi k40 pro for the same price and much be... morebetter yet the realme gt neo

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Android forever 👌

  • Anonymous

curved screen may look good but whats the point of a curved screen ?

  • Anonymous

When will Realme give a proper good camera??
Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus have all done it for BBK

The curved disease is back again

Meh! Can get a redmi k40 pro for the same price and much better specs

  • Flipp

They downgraded X7 Pro by introducing a stupid curved screen.

now get that "PRO ULTRA" printed on the back like the dare to leap logo.

Not enough. Would be waiting for the Pro Ultra Max.

  • AnonD-131754

With these new Pro ultra max superman spiderman batman flash green lanterns with 2mp 8mp useless camera sensors.
The good old days when phone launch made geeks wet their pants.

Pro, Plus, Ultra, Max

just one naming left,, ALPHA

  • Anonymous

Pro ultra with basically the same phone.. i say it once.. and i say this again... Realme Is A Scam Company.

"Pro Ultra"
Not gonna lie this naming scheme made me cringe af.


so ultra is new fancy word for chinnese manufacture now. i bet the triple cameras (64+8+2) is same from realme v15 5g, gt dan gt neo.

What's with realme putting obnoxious branding on their phones. is this some sort of marketting strategy thing?

  • Anonymous

why the dare to leap?????

and no 120hz amoled???????? wth realme

  • bumba

oppo reno5 lolz rebrand