vivo X60t announced with Dimensity 1100, 120Hz screen, and triple camera

03 April 2021
It's already up for purchase in China.

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  • 09 Apr 2021

Nicktech, 05 Apr 2021now that's the most affordable killer maaann gimbal ... moreX60t don’t have gimbal stabilization ...but it is true that it is a killer phone

    now that's the most affordable killer maaann
    gimbal stabilzation 2.0 with Mediatek dimensity 1100
    The price ₹29,999 will shake the markets but it's vivo's X series so reply me what will be the price

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      • 04 Apr 2021

      YUKI93, 04 Apr 2021Isn't that Portrait camera also doubles as a 2x zoom t... moreIt would need autofocus to do that anyway as the goal of a Portrait is to have a shallow depth of field, and for DSLR lens many have a fixed focus distance.
      The long focal length "requirement" to take pictures is basically related to this :
      Where the subject appear better looking at longer focal length, or more precisely, because of the shorter focal length, we need to take a much closer shot, meaning the depth is exaggerated.
      This video debunking this subject is quite interesting :

      On DSLR we can just change lens, but Smartphone doesn't have this luxury, so I guess if the Portrait camera is trying to archive good results it would need a higher focal length to allow taking the shot from further.
      But it is still a Portrait with fixed focal length, probably limited autofocus range and fixed depth of field.
      While a good Telephoto with a variable focal length could do the same job while allowing 5x magnification and maybe more.
      Even with a wide aperture, we can compensate through lenses to control the depth of field, and if the depth of field can be pushed even shallower and the focus distance super close, you get what would be the best Macro any smartphone ever got by a far margin while also being a great hardware Portrait shooter and allowing to have a continuously variable Telephoto Zoom lens too, as the reason why there isn't continuous Zoom on smartphones is simply because of the focal number/aperture size that would be too big for a 5x and too small for a 1x, but with a lens controlled focus it can use a big of an aperture as you wish.
      In fact, it can even shoot Wide too, allowing to reduce the number of camera and sensors to only 2.
      All is needed is a Periscope Telephoto with a part dedicated for deep focus control, it would have less maximum magnification than a regular Periscope Telephoto of the same size, but at 5x you wouldn't need an additional 2x nor cropping.
      And it wouldn't be more expensive than a regular Periscope Telephoto.

        ericwang, 03 Apr 2021Chinese version:x60----exynos1080,x60t----d1100 Gloabl ver... moreI was commenting on the article that suggests thus isn't a Chinese Market phone...

          AnonD-909757, 03 Apr 2021Why a 13Mp Portrait? What is the point? Having a 13Mp Tele... moreIsn't that Portrait camera also doubles as a 2x zoom telephoto camera?

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            • 04 Apr 2021


              Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021Sounds not bad. If it also has the fast F1.48 lens and come... moreIt doesn't have the very fast aperture. The aperture is f/1.79. The only difference with the Chinese x60 is the processor

                The regular x60 does have gimbal stabilization. This is exactly the same as the Chinese x60 apart from the processor. All cameras are the same.

                  wongwatt, 03 Apr 2021Unlike the Chinese version it has a Dimensity chip? Availa... moreChinese version:x60----exynos1080,x60t----d1100
                  Gloabl version:x60----sd870

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                    • 03 Apr 2021

                    Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021Sounds not bad. If it also has the fast F1.48 lens and come... moreThis one has f1.8

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                      • 03 Apr 2021

                      These high specs phones no longer entice me anymore.. In fact, I am really no longer interested in new phones as long as my current one works alright. The thing is, Android and iOS has aged alot and it has nothing new to offer to the table. I am looking for desktop class phone (Full Fledged Windows with ARM Chipset) in a portable under 7 inch screen with inbuilt keyboard (either slide out landscape QWERTY Keyboard or Portrait). These things would be an instant hit, because there certainly is market for such a device running full fledged Windows 10 in a pocketable form factor with cell phone capabilities. Hope Microsoft sense the market opportunity.

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                        • 03 Apr 2021

                        Sounds not bad. If it also has the fast F1.48 lens and come to Europe, I'm almost sold. And the flat display is also very welcome. The Dimensity 1100 could be the best chipset for cool running and little battery drain, since it's using TSMC's 6 nm process.

                          Vivo is a good company
                          Would be great if they made a phone that can rival the Poco F3 but in the meantime, the Poco F3 is the best deal you could buy rn

                            Unlike the Chinese version it has a Dimensity chip?
                            Available in China from....
                            Filling out the portfolio with whatever SOCs they can get given the worldwide shortage - of Chinese phone releases weren't confusing enough...

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                              • 03 Apr 2021

                              Why a 13Mp Portrait? What is the point?
                              Having a 13Mp Telephoto instead would allow to either use it as a depth camera, which would have more than enough resolution to compute great fake Bokeh, or simply giving it a decent Autofocus capability that would allow it to do as good Portrait shoots and even Macro while not missing on this useful lens.
                              The smartphone industry is a mess made out of wasted opportunities and poor decisions...