Huawei P50 leaks in high-quality images

05 April 2021
The phone is visualized in four colors and with four camera lenses.

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  • Dean

Any word on if it'll be 10X optical zoom?

  • Xakazouh

talha5007, 08 Apr 2021the moment you see smiley face on top camera circle you can... moreTrue

Aierlan, 08 Apr 2021The information is official on Huawei's own website. T... moreThanks for the clarification and tip about the website to consult. Greetings.

  • P7

I so want this phone. ☻

the moment you see smiley face on top camera circle you cannot unseen it.

Az7UIS, 08 Apr 2021If this information is not official, how can you ensure tha... moreThe information is official on Huawei's own website. Third party websites may have some mistakes. The vmall website is Huawei's official website and in Chinese which is why I mentioned it. The Huawei p30 pro has OIS on the main sensor and periscope for sure. That doesn't mean the video footage will be stable though as OIS on it's own without EIS/AIS isn't going to make much difference to stability.

Aierlan, 08 Apr 2021Just check their official website and use Goo... moreIf this information is not official, how can you ensure that the camera's information is true? I've also seen in many other websites saying that the main sensor has OIS, for example. To be able to confirm this, just unassembling the smartphone and check.

However, without doing so, I was myself a user of a Huawei P30 Pro until I got robbed and taken from me. And I can say that sometimes the stabilization did not "get in on the action" in certain situations in the camera app. It only started properly working when I selected the toogle from the periscopic sensor and then reselected the toogle to return to the main sensor (1x zoom). - That's what I can tell you through the experience I've had over a year and a half of intensive use with that Huawei model.

P. S.: and actually I don't need any translation tool to read or write in English. 😉😂

Az7UIS, 07 Apr 2021Can you please proof that?Just check their official website and use Google translate. They list the specs of their phones in great detail there. Or just check the specs on gsmarena (they are unofficial specs here but the camera specs for the mate 40pro and p40pro are correct)

  • Abdi

Huawei is good smart phone ilove y7

  • Paul pro

Wawo lovely smart phones l love the company

Android-Authority, 07 Apr 2021The Amoled burn in myth comes from users who used Amoled a ... moreI agree

Aierlan, 06 Apr 2021They all have OIS on the periscopes including the mate 40 p... moreCan you please proof that?

  • M nadeem

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021whats with the smiley camera :) "say cheese"... moreGood looking p50pro

  • Anonymous

whats with the smiley camera :)

"say cheese" maybe !

  • Anonymous

Lol if Apple sell this phone i m pretty sure everyone will say it's beautiful. Almost ALL smart phones are ugly. Boring rectangular shape. Seriously folks! Stop complaining ppl buy to use it not just stare at it. Silly folks.

  • Naol Arusa Adem

Excellent Smart Phone. I loved this Company.

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021I never had burn in on all my galaxies, its pretty much a m... moreThe Amoled burn in myth comes from users who used Amoled a decade back (back when the quality of Amoled displays was still in its infancy)

  • Jordy

What is the screen size? If it's not a 7.2 screen I'll be waiting as I've already received the Emui 11 for my Huawei mate 20x

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Either that, or your sense of good design is a bit wonky.I mean, I don't like it at all. That's all about personal preferences. I would never buy a phone with such an eyesore (the notch), but look at the sales. They were huge.

  • INAF

I will be one among the first buyer