The vivo NEX 5 may be coming in H2 with an under display camera and quad curve display

05 April 2021
The APEX 2020 concept phone from last year featured an UD camera, but the NEX phone that followed it used a pop-up mechanism instead.

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notafanboy, 05 Apr 2021posting my comment before all the haters who hate curved di... moreBest Mobile in vivo compeny

Myragubben, 07 Apr 2021There is no problem for Vivo to make a camera without magne... moreSorry for the double comment, here are more explainations :

Basically the pop up would be this :
Without any spring to put it back in place but rather held magnetically (the same magnets are used both for holding it in place and actuating it with the electromagnets).
And here it shows how small/thin the coil can be made :

Basically, the pop up itself and a small thin part containing magnets and coils around it would be enough, taking a minimal footprint, and it can work with the pop up being totally insulated from the phone (using pins for data).
Here I had an explanation (browse down on the images) :

This is much better in any way than the regular pop up and the underdisplay camera, it would be extremely quick, have virtually no wear, can be made totally waterproof and dustproof as there are no physical opening to the inside of the phone, it would be quite tough and since it is basically mounted "outside" in a slot, it would be user replaceable without having to open the phone body, the replacement is as simple as unscrewing the plate that prevent it from flying away, disconnecting the flat flexible cable if there is one rather than contact pins, removing it, putting the new one, connecting back if needed, putting the new one, and voilà.

Myragubben, 07 Apr 2021There is no problem for Vivo to make a camera without magne... moreYou didn't understand what I meant, I was talking about how to make the pop up camera move.

Demongornot, 05 Apr 2021Nope! Nope nope nope nope, kill it with fire before it lay ... moreThere is no problem for Vivo to make a camera without magnetic coils, like the VCM is. Vivo have already patented a new system with an extremely small camera, supporting up to 32MP, low x-y, extremely fast autofocus (1ms), all in focus, instant focus, low power consumption and more...

This patent show the tech:

The technology is explained easy in this page:

If you were looking at OnePlus talking about bionic T-Lens in their future models, this is it! OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo are all working on this new consept. Therefor I think the magnetic coil is no problem in the future lineup...

Demongornot, 06 Apr 2021Thank you, this is much appreciated!I’m with u always

Certified Gamer, 06 Apr 2021I don’t think anyone can disagree or tell Demongornot nowad... moreThank you, this is much appreciated!

while others are trying to innovative , lg is shutting down

Good to see IP68 rating trickle down on all Chinese Flagships!!!!

Demongornot, 06 Apr 2021IDK what the original comment was, but a Macro isn't u... moreI don’t think anyone can disagree or tell Demongornot nowadays all he says is true I stand by his statements

beep bop boop, 05 Apr 2021so wanting a way more useful camera like a telephoto over a... moreIDK what the original comment was, but a Macro isn't useless, but a 2Mp Macro actually is useless as it is too low resolution, a 5Mp Macro is the bare minimum that we can do something with, 8Mp is the minimum that I'd consider acceptable, and 12Mp should be a given.

But you are right about the Telephoto being more useful than the Macro though, there is much more times I wanted to take a pic of something far compared to the number of times I needed to see something extra small, in fact with my OnePlus 6t I managed with the Pro/Manual mode to take some good close up much better than the autofucus would allow.

As for photography enthusiast though, the Macro offer more opportunities, there are much more than insects and flowers to take Macro off of if we have the imagination.

But as I often say, the best would be if they finally gave us a great Periscope Telephoto with continuous variable Zoom and a great emphasis on Focus with the ability to change both the depth of field and the focus distance down to few centimeters.
It would allow to have potentially a 10x Telephoto without the need for any intermediate 2x, 3x or 5x second Telephoto with either a variable aperture or a lens equivalent, and it would also work as a perfect Portrait and Macro camera, 3 in 1.

[deleted post]so wanting a way more useful camera like a telephoto over a useless macro is stup!d? bruhh

[deleted post]🤡

FatShady, 05 Apr 2021you just said it, "they look more appealing to some pe... moreMhm sure I can ignore useless 2mp sensors and not use them at all, but guess what? I would prefer to have a damn 3x telephoto or a periscope instead of that stoopid 2mp macro sensor. Get it?

notafanboy, 05 Apr 20212mp sensors are absolutely useless, they provide nothing. C... moreAs "FatShady" said, also note that everyone hold his/her phone differently, there isn't a universal way, there are multiple main ways that have many variations, examples here :*4Od6GNcPoio8qkV9Hs3N-A.jpeg
Or here to see additional ones :*RzKEm4Jcf9u6Fin9
There is even some "special" ways :
All ways are valid, unlike what Apple would have us believe with the AntennaGate scandal with the iPhone 4, except for the pinky under the phone which can cause some issues :

And some place their thumb in ways that make front or indisplay fingerprint scanner the best, others have naturally their index or thumb touching the side, while others have it being placed perfectly on the read fingerprint scanner, which is why no single fingerprint scanner location is better than the other.
And the same exact thing apply to curved edge display, some hold their phone in way that make the touch rejection unfriendly with them, some people barely touch the side of their phone :
There is even the Quantum way where the phone is both in the hand and both falling and can at any moment switch from one state to the other (image on the right) :
Literally, holding a phone this way, even with 180° quad curved edge, you wouldn't need touch rejection.
On the other hand, those having their finger or palm covering a part of the edge have a lot of issue.

And it isn't as if there is a single way each person hold its phone, its change depending on the situation/phone body/part of the display to reach, etc :
And :

The size of the phone play a big role on that, as each method can offer different reach on the display :
In fact, something as simple as holding the phone slightly higher, which can be a defining trait as the main way two people hold their phone most of the time, do offer different reach :*p-fi-icTTPpn1FvDAgKZRQ.png
And it is strongly accentuated by the phone size :
And the iPhone 6+ isn't the largest phone ever with his 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm and 6,6" display diagonal, compared to the Vivo NEX 3 with his 167.4 x 76.1 x 9.4 mm and 6,89".

The width is actually the biggest influential factor when it comes to how much your thumb can travel, as the narrower the phone, the more you can securely hold it while still having a large thumb maneuvering room, height change the reach and the vertical location of your hand, and thickness play a minor role.

Now if you take all that into account, it is easy to understand why some people have trouble with curved edge while others don't, as usual, everyone, you but also the R&D team simply forget that people are widely different from one another and that no single thing is best for everyone, hence why diversity is key and why I often write that features that have minimal to no impact on those who don't want them should always be included except if there is a legitimate reason not to, this includes 3.5mm Jack, IR Blaster, SD Card slot (a mix of optional and independent), camera that combine multiple modes/roles, universal fast charging compatibility and slow/healthy charging protocols available, Ultrasonic FPS as it is much better than Optical and Capacitive and can be placed anywhere on the phone, wireless charging, etc...
Unlike intrusive feature that doesn't offer any way to ignore them, like curved display, but also punch hole, notches that both are visually highly intrusive.
Intrusive also work for the lack of X or Y useful feature like NFC, 4G/5G bands, etc.

If I could decide how phone designs available in the market would be, everyone would be happy, as there would be many punch hole + curved edge, but also a lot of bezel + flat display, some occasional exotic phones, a little more of the rare features like second display on the back or pop up, etc.
I bash things like underdisplay camera, curved edge display, punch hole and so on, but only because they invaded (or will, for the UD camera) the market and leave basically no other options available, but I wouldn't want them to disappear actually as I perfectly, understand many do want them.

Yes, please. I hope more brands start following the under display camera that the ZTE Axon 20 started. I couldn’t care less about the camera quality, especially for the front camera. I honestly wouldn’t mind buying a phone with no front camera just to get rid of the god awful notches and hole punches (one can still take selfies with the main camera by attaching a small mirror on the back of ones phone), it’s like a defect in a sea of perfection and it’s time the notch/hole punch fad dies; and I honestly don’t mind the curved displays, I can’t say bezels on the sides replaced by more screen real estate is a bad thing. It also helps with the edge-lit notifications on the always-on-display be more noticeable from off to the side or at an angle.

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Just because you can make it doesn't mean you should

notafanboy, 05 Apr 20212mp sensors are absolutely useless, they provide nothing. C... moreyou just said it, "they look more appealing to some people", so its fair that most people don't like them and have to complain about them.
unlike 2mp cams, you can totally ignore them by not using them at all, but curved screens you're forced to deal with them constantly.

Demongornot, 05 Apr 2021If curved screen where an occasional feature as it should b... more2mp sensors are absolutely useless, they provide nothing. Curved displays on the other hand look more appealing to some people, so there's that. The only drawback is repair costs.
twitter . com/Parkyprakhar/status/1284031797999702016?s=20

I've used both flat & curved display on phones and I don't have a particular preference.

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Looks nice, but how are you going to hold the phone with the edge screens...

notafanboy, 05 Apr 2021posting my comment before all the haters who hate curved di... moreIf curved screen where an occasional feature as it should be, it would be good and those who complain would be in the wrong, but considering it is an invasive thing for the user and nearly half of the high end/flagship have it, with some series constantly featuring it and only the lesser model have a flag display, it is totally legitimate to complain about it.

Otherwise, I could say the same about you complaining about 2Mp sensors if we follow your logic, but would it be legitimate?