Nokia C20 gets Bluetooth certified ahead of April 8 expected announcement

06 April 2021
It could come with a Unisoc chip at the helm.

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  • 06 Apr 2021

Thats it ?
All this time and skipping last year flagship for this ?

Stop wasting your time Nokia

    That's got to be the worst "phone" to be released in many a year.

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      • AnonD-993141
      • p%B
      • 06 Apr 2021

      Ohh sorry, did I said HTC was the next company to get the ax after LG?
      I meant Nokia, lol.

        Next: bring a phone with Amlogic SoC, 512MB RAM and 8GB ROM and sell it for €80.

        Seriously though, Nokia tried bringing good quality stock Android phones, some of the first ones were really good (like the Nokia 7 Plus).

        Then they shifted their focus on the budget segment, and started bringing Android Go phones. Some of them were good enough for the price in 2018/2019 (like the Nokia 1 or the Nokia 1 Plus).

        These days, they are just releasing pure trash phones with such specs that would suffer a lot to operate even the basic tasks.

        1GB ram is simply not enough to run most of the smartphone functions in 2021. And worst, they are releasing these phones with almost the same price as a Redmi 9A or Realme C11 which offer better specs and better performance in almost every way.

        Nokia(HMD Global) should have been there in the place of LG.

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          • Anna
          • tTg
          • 06 Apr 2021

          Last year, Nokia had launched Nokia C3 with Unisoc chipset having similar specifications and full Android 10 OS. They had not even included that handset in Android 11 OS update schedule. These poor specifications are not enough even for Android Go Edition and they are providing full Android OS in this phone.

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            • AnonD-964130
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            • 06 Apr 2021

            Just when i thought they couldnt get any lower smh....

              Refurbishied Xperia XZ2, Iphone 6s, LG G6, Google Pixel 2 or new phone entry level Xiaomi/Realme/Samsung is many times better than this o.O

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                • Nokia is dead
                • Uia
                • 06 Apr 2021

                First of all, who would ever buy this phone. Second, this piece of trash is not worth €90. Nokia, at least save some resources for some actually worth buying phones

                  Damn can't they just be more consistent?????

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                    • Sq9
                    • 06 Apr 2021

                    Nokia just die already

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                      • Baman
                      • gMC
                      • 06 Apr 2021

                      1 GB RAM 💪💪💪