Check out the LG Rollable that never got to see daylight

06 April 2021
The mythical rollable which was not meant to be.

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  • Fayaz

I strongly believe n suggest that LG should keep producing "Rollable" n "Wing" and keep endeavouring with these two just like Sony.

pt020, 06 Apr 2021I liked it more than the foldable phones.Agree, me too and therefore I was very interested in this tech. It's sad LG quit the smartphone market. Hopefully another OEM will pick it up, I think Xiaomi was also into the rollable phones.

  • sq2013

Does seem strange though not to release it given the huge investment required unless they have a patent and sold it to a competitor. Otherwise they're just writing off money.

  • Anonymous

*sighs* nokia morph *sighs*

Lg had great smartphone with a lot of innovations but their weird decisions are what killed them for example this smartphone is amazing idea and way better than foldable imo but i know if they were to release starting price would be no less than 2500$ which sounds way too much for underrated brand in people mind , i really don't know if they were stupid or arrogant from their past success to not change their direction
Bye lg you were amazing company along with htc and nokia

  • pt020

I liked it more than the foldable phones.

  • edyl

LG will still continue to produce mobile phone displays, so we may still be able to see it become available in future released by other brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, etc.

  • Anonymous

Sickblack, 06 Apr 2021why not release it anyway and go out with a bang instead of... moreI guess it did not finish development, and also I don't think many people will actually buy a device from a brand which is dead. Also, they will have to provide support for it, and these new form factors are notoriously not unproblematic.

why not release it anyway and go out with a bang instead of the fizzle theyre going out with now. unless it was just an empty promise in the first place.

we have others brand make it too, oppo