WhatsApp is working on cross-platform chat migration

06 April 2021
We may finally be able to migrate our chats between iOS and Android.

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See, whatsapp has many such limitations as compare to Telegram. Hope people will understand and move to Telegram in india at least.
BTW Any idea, when we can see this feature?

  • Anonymous

It has been pain in the ass when switching between iPhone and android due to this WhatsApp limitations

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021People are still using WhatsApp?You won't believe this, but yes - a lot of people still use WhatsApp, nearly all my family and my friends are included. Heck, even a lot of online businesses in my country nevertheless heavily relying on WhatsApp and Facebook.

  • AnonD-993818

I switched to signal too. As far as I know, many third party tools like Wutsapper, MobileTrans have this feature.

  • Anonymous

Lulfie, 07 Apr 2021And install signalYes I am actively using Signal, though I lost a lot of people on the switch to signal

still I am happy using signal

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Delete whatsApp Data collecting proxy for FBAnd install signal

  • Aniki

Already switched to Telegram since Whatsapps migration need backup more than 1GB files...
Telegram all in the cloud and can login in multiple devices at the same time without auto logout others, same to web as well

  • Noib

They should let the user choose to backup via icloud , google drive , Microsoft one drive , drop box or even better backup on own pc.

  • Anonymous

Already uninstalled after their privacy issues

So So late action. We are in 2021 and there isn't transfer chat history between iOS and Android and can't use on PC without Phone.

  • Anonymous

Delete whatsApp

Data collecting proxy for FB

  • Anonymous

People are still using WhatsApp?

it is a basic feature and you got to use 3rd party apps to do that.it is a pain in the arse. whatsapp should have figured it by itself long long time ago.

Woohoo, 06 Apr 2021If only it came earlier so that we could transfer everythin... moreI can relate to that as I still use Windows Phone to this day. But now that I much prefer to use Telegram, I might not be missing that.

Please give option to back up data to Google drive in ios like Android. Pls🙏🇮🇳

  • Anonymous

10 years too late? I have uninstalled whatsapp months ago. Such an aggresive privacy collector!

Such an essential thing. Was missing since years. I can now move to an iPhone without any hassles.

  • Woohoo

If only it came earlier so that we could transfer everything from Windows Mobile to Android😢

Well this sounds great