Our OnePlus 9 video review is out

06 April 2021
The phone is already available in North America and will arrive in India and Europe in a week or two. Should you get one? This review will help you answer that question.

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  • arntan

You either die the hero-flagship-killer, or live long enough to become the flagship.

  • Pleh

BBK obv didn't let OP know they would drop the Vivo X60 Pro plus days later.... Made the whole hasselblads thing pretty pointless....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

3 years ago you could buy the OP 6 starting from 530$ it had a nice alluminium alloy frame and gorilla glass 5 all around, camera with OIS.
Today the OP 9 has a plastic frame and no OIS like a low-middle budget smartphone but starts at 730$ , while the customer support gone downhill in all parts of the world but india.

Sarkirssian, 06 Apr 2021Good.They spent 2 million for that hassle. Now they are taking that money from us.

nobody cares

  • Anonymous

From no-nonsense ,great value smartphones to $730+ with plastic frame ,no OIS and useless sensors....

Not worthy. No ois. But increase the pricing just because of Hasselblad branding.

  • LionEatsSheep

Quote, "Its best qualities are its Snapdragon 888 chipset and the blazing fast chipset,..."

Why the need to sing the praise of the SD 888 chipset twice ? Besides, the chipset doesn't differentiate the OnePlus 9 Series phones from other flagship phones. Should this be the harbinger of your video review, then the review is not worth viewing as it shall have little to discuss about the advantages of the OnePlus 9 Series phones.

  • Sarkirssian