45% of Meizu 18 users have switched over from Apple phones

07 April 2021
The statement comes from Meizu’s own Weibo profile.

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IpsDisplay, 07 Apr 2021Be careful buddy, what apple sends out for longer than 2 ye... moreTrue mahn!

Misfit2Fields, 07 Apr 2021That would be 50%, not 45%. Trying to roast Meizu, with... moreDoodoo with a bow tie is still doodoo right? Lol

  • MrDong

ishreal, 07 Apr 2021Much better than American cheap brands that are overpriced lol.Except Huawei and Oppo those brands are selling cheap quality products. Recent Redmi Note 10 fails the durability test. Poco X3 has touchscreen issues. OnePlus 8T last year also bent like paper. The list goes on and on.

  • MrDong

Kodo, 07 Apr 2021Did you tried PUBG running in 120hz? I guess not :)PUBG in 120fps? 😂

PUBG is capped at 90fps. Yes you can use GFX Tool or modify the game files to use 120-144fps but it can get you banned 😅

  • Kodo

AnonD-985481, 07 Apr 2021Really? You're REALLY going to argue with this, meanwh... moreDid you tried PUBG running in 120hz? I guess not :)

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Isn't it funny how Android fanboys keep convincing the... moreYes, it's very funny, but more funny is that they think they have a high-end with mediocre specifications, if I want shortened specifications I buy a low-end lol, since even the mid-range has better specifications

  • Wacky mole

45%of Meizu are once apple users.
What percentage of Apple users have switched to Meizu?

  • otakunextdoor

It's a simple case of lack of iOS ecosystem. Apple is great only in western countries. Apps are limiting in iOS for developing markets, Apple charges expensive yearly fees for developers and require developers to have Mac for app development which makes local developers reluctant to develop, also low iphone market share doesn't do any justice. Apple has already lost the battle against Android. Just because it offers iPhones at lower price wouldn't make users stick. Most migrate to android after sub-par experience while few remain due to show off or halo effect.

  • Anonymous

Tracking is a big issue these days

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021How can it be considered a status symbol if it available fo... morelol a phone never will be a status symbol. even a mcdonalds worker can buy most expensive with 1 month income.

  • AnonD-985481

ishreal, 07 Apr 2021Just because Apple uses smooth animation transitions that t... moreReally? You're REALLY going to argue with this, meanwhile people buy 144Hz Android phones en mass and then stroke the scrolling menus up and down and go "this is sooooo smooooooth". Aaaand that's basically entirety of 144Hz use case. Yeah, so important to have a battery hog for something that can just be done with well times transition effects. Also if phone is not fast enough, no amount of animation length can change that. Lets just say everything is butter smooth on pretty much any iPhone.

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 07 Apr 2021100% it's for status symbol purposes in my country as ... moreTrue my dad goes to work and sees people so big phones he feels inferior that he has a iPhone 4s he is considering switching phones and asked me a few days ago ‘is there an iPhone (new) under 10k?’ He was telling me how many people have IPhone 12 and 11 with them and it’s like a status symbol

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Isn't it funny how Android fanboys keep convincing the... moreJust because Apple uses smooth animation transitions that take 2x as long to execute doesn't make it a better phone. That's literally all the phone has going for it lol. I can set animation scale to 2x on my android phone and get the exact same experience.

Softriceking, 07 Apr 2021first time heard about this chinese cheap brand. Much better than American cheap brands that are overpriced lol.

  • kek

Meizu is the only Chinese brand I would like to try, but alas, their global models support is pretty bad.

  • MrDong

After years of using Samsung devices from the Galaxy Note 3, Fan Edition (a refurb Note 7 with smaller battery) up to the S20 FE 5G, I have switched to an iPhone 12 Pro Max I got from Facebook Marketplace. Very satisfied with my current phone. Only drawback is the Lightning port and lack of FP sensor. Only 60Hz but seriously touch-accurate display, little thermal throttling (as opposed to my iPhone 11), excellent speakers and build quality.

I did not like Apple phones in the past. Swapped a 6s with a Note FE that time because the mute switch came loose, the build quality was just subpar.

Guess I’ll stick to my iPhone. Looking forward to the iPhone 13 series. Now if Huawei can provide better software support then I’ll pick up a 2nd hand next time.

  • hmm

I liked Meizu for there compact size and that they had no notch or punch hole as they had just enough bezel at top and bottom to have selfie cam fit in the top bezel. But they were always too expensive and no B20 band. And well there reputation on not updating android even 1 generation. And there lower end phones were too low end while i dont think they even have middle class hardware phones. When i bought my last phone redmi note 5 ai i was looking Meizu m6s as it had fingerprint reader on the side and small bezels too but then come out redmi note 5 ai and it was all around better while same amount of bezel.

Meizu 15 would of been nice but it was too expensive for my budget to buy out and i dont see a point to leash electronics that by the last payment have lost 80% of it's value

  • Former iOS user

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021I wish that amazing synergy between the hardware and softwa... moreI returned my iPhone 12 mini after 6 days, gave me battery anxiety all day. Admitted the form factor but later started being appreciative of bigger screens. It's not just about holding the phone. Typing is extremely tricky, content consumption feels more to be desired, all these compromises are not acceptable just for the small form factor

  • Former iOS user

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Authority in absolutely dreadful experience of dealing with... moreDude, I was on iPhone for 10 years. It's how long I was on iOS and kept dealing with same rubbish nonsense for just as long. Now few months on an Android phone, it's best experience by far compared to any iPhone I've ever used.

  • Former iOS user

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Reasons why people want nothing to do with iOS -Outdate... moreI agree with majority of the list.