Huawei Watch 3 is reportedly coming soon with revamped HarmonyOS and eSIM

07 April 2021
The Watch 3 will run more advanced software than Huawei's Watch GT series. The GT series lack mobile data option too.

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  • Bassaidai

Unless they FINALLY really offer Strava support (like they constantly announced for more than 1,5 years with the GT2 watch) I will never even consider buying a Huawei watch again.

  • Anonymous

This is the best move Huawei can make if they want to build their own ecosystem. Nothing better and more beneficial to start with than smartwatch or band for that matter.

  • cruizer

ah, nice to see the REAL microkernel HarmonyOS, not the BaloneyOS they claim that can replace Android...

  • Anonymous

This will be the proper HarmonyOS with the microkernel? I know they need Android compatibility with their phones but they should just bite the bullet and move to new OS on their phones.

That looks pretty nice