Samsung is bringing five Galaxy A 2021 models to the US this month, three with 5G

07 April 2021
Including its first 5G smartphone under $300. The five phones are the Galaxy A52 5G, A42 5G, A32 5G, A12 and A02s.

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  • Anonymous

$400 for a phone with 4GB of RAM?? Isn't the point of getting a 5G phone to feel that it's faster and future-proof?

That's Sammy for you, keep shoving all them useless semi budget phones out,ppl are already confused what to buy on a budget,not just Sammy but other company's too,they need to slow down a little 😱

  • S-India

Samsung think they are playing a clever game,
they are not coming up with A72 5G , because it would hit the sales numbers of S20FE 5G or even the S21, in reality they completely loose the 30K-40K (INR) price bracket to OnePlus...

That A42 price...$400 for a 720p display. You'd have to be an idiot to take that over the OnePlus N10 which is $100 cheaper (even with LCD)

  • Arod

wow so the a32 4G is not coming to the US but with the a32 5G with that hideous and terrible display,its now in tmoblie now that if u get a 5G plan you get the a32 for free, its not worth upgrading
the a52 5G is interesting

  • kek

WTF 500$ for the A52 lmao

This is what happens when theres not enough competition and carriers are a piece of shit. Good grief, USA.