Report: iOS 14 reaches 90% adoption

07 April 2021
In record-breaking time too.

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Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021long story short, the trick the brain does works, and every... moreOnce you go to 120hz, you never go back to 60hz ever again.

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021I doubt your doubt. old devices like the nexus 6p had a bet... moreKeep telling yourself that.

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notafanboy, 08 Apr 2021press X to doubt.I doubt your doubt. old devices like the nexus 6p had a better screen resolution and it was great. I won't settle for fhd+ again, tried many devices and the panels sure have gotten better over the years, but man there is no unseeing high ppi, especially when you look at your own pictures

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Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Here a fun fact, go google the refresh rate of your own org... morelong story short, the trick the brain does works, and everything seems smoother, which is nicer, so there is no reason not to implement it.

instead of going to google, go to a store and use a high refresh rate screen and see for yourself

Yes it does seem like that.

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Here a fun fact, go google the refresh rate of your own organic human eyes. You'll find the refresh rate is about 30-60 frames. Makes me wonder how much difference you are seeing VS how much actually exists. And don't get me wrong, so duh a higher refresh makes for a smoother image, but is it to a degree that matters? After all the human eye can only detect a change in shade with at least a .85% difference given we see light in the 400-700 nm wavelengths and of that, needing a 2nm difference to detect a change in color. But we still have far more colors than that on our monitors so whatever.

Long story short, Human always be trying to make tech better than our own eyes then praise it even if we literally can't see the difference cause it's impossible.

Mostly cause the human brain tricks us into seeing things cause the human brain isn't a perfect interpreter of sensory data but that's another story.

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Roman5, 08 Apr 2021Apple still holds the crown for long-term software support.... moreAt this point it helps a lot that they make the whole thing from hardware to software. Where with Snapdragon chipsets, all vendors are left at mercy of Qualcomm for Android drivers. Which seem to only go as far as 3 years of support and then they cut it. Where Apple, they can do it for as long as they want as they don't depend on anyone. It's all done in-house. And then people wonder why things are more expensive. It's not just the brand, it's things like this "behind the scenes".

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Let's hope they fix battery..

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Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Maybe it's because iOS updates automatically by defaul... moreNo it doesn't, I have auto updates turned off on both device updates and app updates , I have updates waiting that I still haven't done , yet I can still use my iphone just as normal.

at least own something before you criticise

Apple still holds the crown for long-term software support. This is one of the reasons why their phones retain their value for so long. It's good that Samsung and Google are following in their footsteps and doing similar long-term support but they and especially other android manufacturers still have a long way to go.

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Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Some phones have 144Hz, 165Hz and 240Hz already.Lol no phone has a 240Hz refresh screen rate but the Sharp Aquos Zero which is actually a 120Hz display that looks like 240Hz.

144Hz and 160Hz found in the gaming phones are not as bright as the iPhone or other regular phones display.

This is like saying the iPhone with just 120Hz touch sampling rate feels slow, but can compete with the ROG Phone in terms of touch precision and input. A lot of competitive PUBG and COD Mobile players still favor an iPhone or iPad. Even the winner of a national PUBG tournament actually used an iPhone Xs Max and 11 Pro Max. Not an ROG Phone or similar. 60Hz panel in iPhone is just class-leading.

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LEEDAQ, 08 Apr 2021my 6s still rocking with ios13, will never update to 14It was released in 2015 with iOS 9 and it has latest iOS 14 available. I frankly see no reason why you wouldn't update it to iOS 14. Then it's really end of the road as it'll reach 5 years of updates.

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Woohoo, 08 Apr 2021Well, that's assuming that all 4 models will have 120H... moreSome phones have 144Hz, 165Hz and 240Hz already.

my 6s still rocking with ios13, will never update to 14

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sa11oum, 08 Apr 2021Do we want 120Hz? You bet. But it's not easy for an ex... moreWell, that's assuming that all 4 models will have 120Hz, which is not gonna happen, and also the vanilla model + older models like XR, SE, 11 and in a few months 12 would far outsell the pro/pro max w/ hrr, so ur argument of not having enuf supply is kinda wrong

OhNom, 08 Apr 2021No, it is not, when "small" devices have a 6.3 &q... morepress X to doubt.

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Still no 120Hz, Always-on display, in-display fingerprint s... moreDo we want 120Hz? You bet. But it's not easy for an extremely high-volume device like iPhone to implement this feature, simply because the supply of LTPO 120Hz displays cannot keep up with the demand of iPhones. Apple sells 200 million iPhones a year - and this in itself is a "problem" no Android manufacturer will ever face.

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[deleted post]Haha, you have no retort and can only accuse me of not having used an iPhone. For your information, I've used iPhones up to about a year ago when I switched to Android.

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Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021High adoption rate is good for the platform. Less malwar... moreThat doesn't even make sense. If it's stable and secure, it wouldn't need so many updates. Fact is, iOS is always a buggy and insecure mess so they're constantly pushing out bug fixes. It really only becomes stable when the next version is about to be released and then they force you to upgrade to the next buggy mess.

notafanboy, 07 Apr 2021QHD is a gimmick on small phone displays.OLED's(smartphone panels) have pentile pixel arrangements. Apple is marketing the OLED models with 458 Pixel per Inch. Actually only the GREEN sub pixels have that density and RED, BLUE sub pixels have only 326 PPI(source: displaymate)
While phones with IPS LED have full RGB sub pixels.
QHD OLED panels have sharpness comparable to Full HD LCD panels.

Apple broke their 326ppi claim with iPhone 6-8(Plus models)