Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 2.3 get Android 11

07 April 2021
HMD Global is rolling out the update to two more devices.

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  • anonymous

my fingerprint scanner isn't working. Please suggest a remedy.

  • Anonymous

Cellular network and wifi keeps restarting. As a result the basic function of a cellphone, to make call, is not happening. Thanks you very much nokia

  • Sujeesh

After update OS to 11 charging time showing up to 6 hr.. please do something as soon as possible..

  • Anonymous

yes battery became worst after update, require attention ASAP

  • Ahmed

After android 11 update, battery is discharging even while charging and it's taking almost 6 hrs to complete charge.
Also it's discharging very fast.

  • Glane

Dear team,

Please provide a quick fix for Android 11 patch , battery is taking ages to charge.

  • Anonymous

Anshul2021, 13 Apr 2021Charging has become slow after update to Android 11. Batter... moreI'm experiencing the exact same issue. I hope they can fix this soon

Charging has become slow after update to Android 11. Battery is actually draining even while with charging on. Please fix ASAP

  • Mayank

Sandyp017, 12 Apr 2021Facing the same issue here as well aft updating to android ... moreYes I also face this same issue of slow charging

  • Sandyp017

Sid, 09 Apr 2021After i update my 8.1 device in android 11 my device stop f... moreFacing the same issue here as well aft updating to android 11 fast charging not please look into this and provide solutions asap

Woohoo, 08 Apr 2021How's the 9PV holding up? I wanted it so bad during a... moreThe battery life on my phone is pretty fair, the under display fingerprint scanner isn't very accurate. The camera is pretty great once you have figured out how to use it to the fullest. The photos that are made are good. Maybe with Android 11 the software will improve to further improve the output of the photos. I got it for around 380 euro brand new so I can't complain.

  • Pranit k

Sid, 09 Apr 2021After i update my 8.1 device in android 11 my device stop f... moreI am. Facing the same.issue... Its realy annoying

waiting K12 note android 11 update. good phone for the price.

  • Anonymous

You need to sort out your priorities in life. Love or hate it, Nokia is here to stay. Go buy a Chinese/China phone and stay that way.

  • Anonymous

Nomex20, 08 Apr 2021I have not received itYou need to wash your face with detergent soap, then maybe you'll get it.

  • Sid

After i update my 8.1 device in android 11 my device stop fast charging , now it charge very dam slow don't know what happen after updating in android 11 , since more then 12 hr im using everything is seems to be fine till now , only facing slow charging issue .
Is their is any solution for this ?
or with next security path it will get sorted ?

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021LoL. Finally oneplus served me android 11 after longggggtimeDont forget to tip them😅

  • Carol

Aadrian, 08 Apr 2021Waiting for 11 on my Nokia 9. Good to see that the budget p... moreI have my device configured in such a way i stopped carring about OS updates, i actually drag when installing them. I am verry ok with the security patches and bug fixes. I hope they will keep them comming till this device hits the "sack"

  • Carol

Anna, 08 Apr 2021Nokia 5.4 announced in December 2020 with Android 10 pre-in... moreI have never read hmd saying they will bring updates at a verry fast pace, they only said (and say) your device will receive montly security updates for 3 years and OS updates for two (now 3 with the new released devices). I really see no problem in there update system besides 2020 when corona pretty much slowed everything down.

  • Nomex20

Shy, 08 Apr 2021Received android 11 on my Nokia 8.1 but as usual too many bugs...I have not received it