Samsung Galaxy Quantum2 - aka Galaxy A82 - leaks in detail

08 April 2021
The Quantum2 will be exclusive to SKT in Korea, but it is speculated that Samsung will launch it as the Galaxy A82 on the global market.

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  • neo geo

i want MST and 8gb ram pls , and 60hz with high dpi!

  • IEMcollector

Me, I just hope there's a headphone jack. Slim chance, considering the A80, but one can hope!

Samsung should really work on developing a phone like galaxy s10e. That phone was a hot seller in my country. Not everyone wants a gigantic screen.

  • Anonymous

Curved display in tandem with a pop-up selfie CAM would've been preferable or else this the so-called A82 is just yet another phone with no real standout feature anymore.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 780G would've been the better choice. Newer and almost same power. Plus phone should have the headphone jack

  • BudgetGuy

This phone is ginormous for a small guy like me.

  • Osiris

Nothing special

  • hmm

kek, 08 Apr 2021There's practically no benefit of buying this instead ... moresnap 720g vs 860

. it is

  • Anonymous

kek, 08 Apr 2021There's practically no benefit of buying this instead ... moreThe processor is far better than the A72 and A52. It has the Snapdragon 855+ from the Note 10+, which is still much more powerful than midrange chips today like the 750G found in the A72.

  • ILS

TheLastOracle, 08 Apr 2021What 3 features, are you looking for, in your smartphone? Compact Android dual sim

kek, 08 Apr 2021There's practically no benefit of buying this instead ... moreYes. This year the A72 5G and A52 5G are more appealing that their predecessors, overall good phones even if i prefer the Vivo X50 Pro/Pro+ (periscope versions) in that range of prices for now and probably the Mi Note 11 if released. For the A82 i believe that Samsung fans will prefer wait and compare to watch what the S21 FE can offer in value for the money.

  • kek

There's practically no benefit of buying this instead of the cheaper A72 or A52

ILS, 08 Apr 2021When you buy a car you can choose: big or small cars; high ... moreWhat 3 features, are you looking for, in your smartphone?

oh so fu(k the flip camera rumors huh samsung?

Oh well, there goes the flip up camera hype. That's quite a bummer.

  • Steppaul

SMIRNAS, 08 Apr 2021essentially A72 with 120hz and SD860With a weaker battery...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021So basically its A72 5GBut with more power hungry SoC and yet, smaller battery. Probably no 3.5mm jack too. And more expensive. Thanks, but no thanks.

essentially A72 with 120hz and SD860

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021It will be priced higher than A72 so 500-600 euros.i bet, when A80 was available in my country was introduced with the price tag of 650 euros, A80 here was still available like few months ago. Last year was still with price tag of 550 euros, then went on sale for quite under 400 euros i had chance to buy it, but decided to go for A71 instead, i had heard rumors that is faulty phone due to the mechanism (the microphone to be more specific), my friend's cousin have A80 and is faulty, went on repair few times under warranty, so i skipped A80, hopefully this A82 wont be that expensive anyway

  • Anonymous

So basically its A72 5G