Huawei P50 prototype photos suggest entirely new camera design

08 April 2021
The phone will have an off-centered oreo setup.

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  • j%t
  • 09 Apr 2021

plot twist: these pics were actually taken with a Mate 40 and the all new AI that's being implemented in Harmony Os 2.0 (aka Android 11.1).

    Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Of course that's fake, camera bit says "Lecai&quo... moreHuawei is just a more expensive knock off brand.

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      • S9u
      • 09 Apr 2021

      real photo , Leaci camera hahaha

        beep bop boop, 09 Apr 2021dude LEICA and Zeiss finna be prepared, they about to be de... moreDon't keep showing off your knowledge if you don't have any.
        IT'S A PROTOTYPE. You understand meaning of "prototype"?

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          • ae86
          • vaS
          • 09 Apr 2021

          Someone with OCD in Huawei's office must have fainted.

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            • D E E N
            • KZK
            • 09 Apr 2021

            Emm this is a disgrace to the GSM and Huawei.. and also a waste to my data and time.. Phuii

              bad design

                dude LEICA and Zeiss finna be prepared, they about to be destroyed by LEACI

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                  • Shreyas
                  • 7t{
                  • 09 Apr 2021

                  But why a pill shaped cutout? It was supposed to be a punch hole camera right.

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                    • p}2
                    • 09 Apr 2021

                    With Google's silly punishment, Huawei sounds like a distant dream to me. Too bad these things happen.

                      why, 08 Apr 2021Why is there a typo "LEACI"? Previous leaks ha... moreThat's how prototypes usually are, nothing abnormal there

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                        • Rk100
                        • 6v0
                        • 08 Apr 2021

                        Lmao this is so fake, how on earth did GSMArena even allow this to be posted up

                          This is even uglier than the previous photos.

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                            • Nu6
                            • 08 Apr 2021

                            LEACI 😂😂😂

                              ewww. disgusting. no no no. it looks like a demented mate 40 pro

                              even tho this is fake, i cant help it

                                Hey gsm arena, if you are so desperate for news(and there are a ton of important news around that for some reason you dont bother posting them) i can make you prototype pictures of every upcoming smartphone free of charge. atleast one per day, I PROMISE.
                                Or even better just send me your bank number, i can send you some money for new glasses.
                                No offence but posting this kind of fake news without even trying to figure if it's legit or not is very Disrespectful to your readers.

                                  Ivan, 08 Apr 2021"LEACI"Yep - First thing I saw when I looked at these images. This has to be the worst faked "leak" to date?!

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                                    • Jason
                                    • pKW
                                    • 08 Apr 2021

                                    Clearly the editors can't even be bothered to look at the info and will post any garbage, the images are so fake it's clear they have been doctored, one glaring give away would be ,not even being able to spell Leica properly, and thats before the glaringly obvious poor copy paste photoshop work, it looks like a 10 year did it, and GSM still posted

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                                      • Ivo.
                                      • jMx
                                      • 08 Apr 2021

                                      I am not sure there will be Huawei by June!

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                                        • 0Ru
                                        • 08 Apr 2021

                                        This is so fake and really shouldn't have even been posted. You can even see where they've cut and pasted and also tried to erase parts of the design they've pasted on top of. Laughable.