Lenovo Legion Duel 2 snaps in three parts in bend test

08 April 2021
Gaming phones just aren't built to last.

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Imagine putting a $800 dollar device in your back pocket and pretending it's not there and sitting anywhere
Man I'd think about it more than myself

  • Qwerty

We all know that Zack’s extreme testing isn’t going to be applied in real world usage except if you’re a damn careless individual and don’t mind imitating YouTubers in their line of work. Smartphones nowadays aren’t built to last compare to the Nokia phones back then.

it sure looks like zack did not exert that hard of a pressure compared to rog p5 to break legion d2, so gsma is right to say that if you do put your phone alot in your back pocket there is a pretty big chance you'd break this easily. besides, i think with gamers when you're frustrated with a game the device could bear the brunt and do the same snapping; i am not a gamer but i have used several gaming phones since razer phone 1, and there are instances indeed that out of frustration in a game i angrily try to bend my phone, albeit not that strong to bend it really. so if this snaps in relatively light pressure, i perhaps would suggest to skip it. then again, what the heck, i am drooling over this phone.

Luckily it is just a $100 phone.

I'd like to think this is Karma for them not having put a 3.5mm Jack on their phone despite having more than enough room for that.

And we gotta love people thinking because THEY don't put their phone in their pocket that no one does or should, sure, the world is all about you and no one has the right to have different tastes or do stuff differently.
Nor can an accident happen, I am sure if such people would be ruling the world, we would all have nice lives!

  • MrDong

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021It's a phone, not a wallet. Be careful with the phone.... moreThese tests are not stupid. How about the aggressive gamers who might bend the phone on purpose?

Hey, if it’s an iPhone or Galaxy S/Note then people will just bash those phones. 😂 Cmon man

  • Anonymous

Well, exactly as I predicted.

Then again, who puts their phone in their back pocket?

It is only the girls who carry their phones in their back pockets, to attract attention. Otherwise it proves that they messed up the product design

  • ozzz

When I saw that Lenovo had the same battery design as the ROG 5 I knew this would happen.

  • Anonymous

It's a phone, not a wallet. Be careful with the phone. These tests that bend them are stupid.

Kal-el, 09 Apr 2021"if you wear your phone in your back jeans pocket a lo... moreWhy? Properly designed phones won't bend or snap like this even if you put it into the back pocket of your jeans and sit on it.

Lenovo will not refund you claiming that it has been upgraded to legion 3

  • Anonymous

Why do gaming phones have to be so structurally weak these days?!

Kal-el, 09 Apr 2021"if you wear your phone in your back jeans pocket a lo... moreWhy? There are a lot of phone that you can carry in your back pockets without any problem. If someone want to do that they simply can choose a tested phone that have a solid construction.

It's like telling someone who works as a bricklayer that they deserve to have their phone broken for taking them to work. You will buy the right phone for your work or the use you want to give it and ignore phones like this, as well as young people who want to carry it in their back pockets or wherever they want, even if it is a gaming phone what they want. It's a matter of choose the right one because solid alternatives that are good for gaming and also doesn't bend are available.

Well bit expensive and bit not very durable and i dont think a case will solve something cuz he broke it with ease.

"if you wear your phone in your back jeans pocket a lot....????" Then you deserve to have your phone broken!

So? Just don't bend it.

ooh what do we have here? Oh, snap!

  • MrDong

This is pretty sad. It didn’t require much force just to bend and snap that phone into parts.

Looks like this happens if brands maximise price to specs and performance and forget about build quality. I would rather pick a more expensive phone with less specs but a more reassuring build quality.

Pretty sure if an iPhone or Galaxy bends then the comments will get nasty 😀 luckily they are safe 😉 this is a phone, not a tablet, so they shouldn’t bend.

Welp, still don't know how I feel about that