Huawei Watch Fit Elegant Edition review

12 April 2021
The Watch Fit got a lovely premium makeover.

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  • Afzal
  • n$B
  • 19 Apr 2021

Does it have all same features as huawei watch gt2 ?

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    • suren
    • sR1
    • 13 Apr 2021

    screen resolution awesome, good for the price

      Woohoo, 12 Apr 2021U could use dictation or do u really intend on typing on a watch?You go running or something, you don't want to take phone, you get a message, but you want to write back - just a 5-6 word message, but nothing of the "ready" made ready to answer.
      A lot of phones have touch screens, so it's more software than hardware. I type these 6 words and that's it, is that such a problem? This is a system-level thing in the watch or rather an application like WhatsApp, Telegram and the possibility of responding because the hardware allows it, there is LTE / GSM, so where is the problem?
      Fear of producers that people will start using watches without phones? So completely separate and maybe their income will drop somehow?

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        • BillyUK
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        • 13 Apr 2021

        I have the regular edition and it's a great smart band/watch and probably the most comfortable I have ever worn - you forget it's there. The screen is bright, colourful and responsive. It has a great build quality and I can't recommend it enough in this vast sea of bands/watches etc

          From my brief experience with wearables, all must come with built-in GPS. My Mi Band 5 doesn't have this. Undercounted my steps when I left my phone in my car. I ended up giving it to my mom since she lost her Fitbit.

          I have the slowest Apple Watch since Series 0. That's the Series 2. I saw the comparisons up to S5, and watch OS 6 slowed the S2 down. It's ridiculously slow just when it turns on. And never unpair it. Takes even longer to pair up to another iPhone

          Still, I love it. I only need it to count steps and control music on my iPhone 7. Can't complain too much. Only got it for $60 in mint condition. Was only worn twice and I believe the seller. I wanted to keep my Mi Band 5 but no GPS was the bummer. Get a Huawei Band 4 Pro instead which has GPS.

          I've been more addicted to wearables than smartphones lately. Has more room for improvement while smartphones are already perfected as is. This Huawei watch is beautiful. I'll buy it if I can get it for under $80 which shouldn't be an issue in OfferUp.

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            • Woohoo
            • 7kk
            • 12 Apr 2021

            NUM3R1C, 12 Apr 2021I am waiting for full communication support, conversations ... moreU could use dictation or do u really intend on typing on a watch?

              I am waiting for full communication support, conversations as part of applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal on smartwatches . Otherwise, it's just a defective product, not a smart one. Because if I have a watch with LTE and I need a phone, why do I need an expensive toy?

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                • RN
                • tx3
                • 12 Apr 2021

                Sadly it wasn't for my small wrist(s)

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                  • Sarkirssian
                  • 6sR
                  • 12 Apr 2021

                  Do you like It? I like It a lot.

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                    • Lionhead
                    • Nbg
                    • 12 Apr 2021

                    Can we exchange the watches we already have for this one?

                      It is a decent band, preset workouts are useless. Lacking in interval workout is a huge draw back. With most of features enabled battery life is short 3,4 days. Who buys a fitness band to use it 30 min per week? Ridiculous. Heheeeeeeeee.. Otherwise it is working as it should. But the vibration mode is too soft for me.. I can barely sense it when I am on a workout.

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                        • 12 Apr 2021

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                          • Woohoo
                          • 7kk
                          • 12 Apr 2021

                          A rectangular display certainly uses space much more efficiently on an already tiny display.
                          Though a circle is still best for a "proper (mechanical)" watch

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                            • nDP
                            • 12 Apr 2021

                            best sheep tracking device

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                              • PZa
                              • 12 Apr 2021

                              Nice looking watch.