Flashback: LG's best phones before and after the switch to Android

11 April 2021
LG was in its element when making stylish feature phones, the transition to smartphones was a difficult - and ultimately fatal - one.

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  • 06 May 2022

Roheel, 11 Apr 2021We want LG with a good comebackWho is we?

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    • Ybx
    • 16 Jan 2022

    Mslucy, 11 Apr 2021Never tried a LG and didn't regret. R.I.P No need to comment if you haven't tried it. I've had my V30 for 3.5 years and still LOVE it. Wishing it would falter to justify getting a new phone/digital assistant.

      I use LGV30+ one of the best mobiles I ever own with hifi dac gr8 sound b&O head phones
      camera is still gr8 too its a shame they left the market
      dont get me wrong there's many gr8 mobiles out

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        • Sumeet
        • wdG
        • 05 Jun 2021

        Had been a dedicated Lg mobile phone for cotinously last ten years.strating with 8 mp black lg than to fabulous G2 ...followed by the modular G5 (still working great)than to the amazing g7 thinq...using for last two years .....great phones cheap pricing super technology, excellent features allways ahead of samsung sony motorola etc in all fields .its a sad decision not by the company but by the consumers by not accepting less advertised smart phones from lg.the best part was that all are made in south korea ....nothing from china like samsung iphone and all others .....
        Lg must try again

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          • Kumar
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          • 11 May 2021

          Durga, 12 Apr 2021Using LG v 30+ since 2 and half years. Best display Best ... moreYeah true

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            • Balaji
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            • 04 May 2021

            Anonymous, 23 Apr 2021Smartphones are now boring with no new innovation. Nokia, O... moreWhat a sad end,LG phones are best in the business and have a loyal clientele like me very sad we are not going see these phones again,hope against hope maybe they will reconsider their decision.

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              • 7kk
              • 23 Apr 2021

              Smartphones are now boring with no new innovation. Nokia, Out...Motorola, Out...Sony, almost out...LG, Out...
              Only hope are Apple and Samsung. Rest all are twin brothers and sisters.

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                • Theresa
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                • 19 Apr 2021

                Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021LG Nexus 5 was amazing and I also had an LG G4 that didn�... moreSo true I agree. It's sad

                  Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021Don't forget Samsung has the same thing and died insta... moreBut how likely is it for a Samsung to bootloop, hm?

                    Stunning ability by a company to miss the mark, with almost all of its products :D

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                      • 13 Apr 2021

                      LG Nexus 5 was amazing and I also had an LG G4 that didn't bootloop in 2 years (don't know how it ended after me)
                      Really great phones, and the V series always seemed like a cool premium phone
                      Sad to see LG go, they didn't deserve to be so unpopular, but them being plagued by the bootloop issues was on them and I imagine that it killed the brand for the masses when it mattered

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                        • 13 Apr 2021

                        Durga, 12 Apr 2021Using LG v 30+ since 2 and half years. Best display Best ... moreThey sold them here few weeks ago for €159, excellent phone for that price especially when you install custom rom on IT.

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                          • 13 Apr 2021

                          I remember having the G3, great phone but a littlebit ahead of it's time resolution wise.

                          Nexus 4 was actually my favorite LG phone, terrible battery life and even worse when using 3G, but damn the rest of that phone was excellent, especially for the price.

                          Currently using the LG G8S which will be my last LG phone, aside from "the worst Android update support ever, where not having any updates is the only worst thing", it is aside from that fact a good phone.

                          Good audio, battery life is good (for the capacity), screen is fine, it has a main, telephoto and ultrawide camera (exactly the ones I want) and HEADPHONE JACK.

                          I could go on for a while, it's a fine phone even while not being the best, it does update support aside exactly what I like about LG, not the best, not the worst but it is a neutral jack of all trades.

                          Sad to see them go, but it's for the best considering the sales.

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                            • Rdmkr
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                            • 13 Apr 2021

                            LG G2 was one of those phones that really shone when you rooted and modded it. Out of the box it had clunky software and terrible camera app. All of this was fixable with a little customization work. I'm not surprised it sold poorly the way it came out of stores. But I maintain it was one of the best phones ever (as in farthest ahead of its time) in terms of basic hardware.

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                              • 13 Apr 2021

                              Tahir Afzal, 12 Apr 2021The Author forgot about stuck in an infinite Bootloop of De... moreDon't forget Samsung has the same thing and died instantly since this happened to people I know. They had to get another phone because it died after few months and they got LG phones which they had no problems with it. Also, their bomb you to death phone. No wonder they advertised it in HK as "making your life more exciting!"

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                                • Sawsan
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                                • 12 Apr 2021

                                Kingslayer, 12 Apr 2021LG G5 is such an underrated phone. I'm typing from min... moreThe batteries you 'stash away' will degrade and be useless by the time you need them and you'll have nd up throwing the phone away anyway. No phone lasts for decades; that's just wishful thinking.

                                  Durga, 12 Apr 2021Using LG v 30+ since 2 and half years. Best display Best ... moreI hear you I use the v30 and its great tried to upgrade to a V35 USA release only so I will wait until Sony has a new model

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                                    • Durga
                                    • Dk$
                                    • 12 Apr 2021

                                    Using LG v 30+ since 2 and half years.
                                    Best display
                                    Best processor
                                    Best music (duad-dac)
                                    Best back camera (only)
                                    Best battery backup.
                                    Best everything.
                                    I love 💕 LG.

                                      AnonD-940827, 12 Apr 2021Let's just say that the parents weren't happy whe... more🤣🤣

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                                        • jtm
                                        • 12 Apr 2021

                                        Too many copied phones out there that drove all the good OEM out of business. I am sure the copycat will bump up their price after all these good OEM went out. They have done it across the business and not just cellphone