Samsung reportedly in talks with LG negotiating huge order of OLED TV panels

10 April 2021
LG to reportedly supply Samsung with ‘millions of OLED TV panels’ following a shift away from LCD technology.

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Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021They are only slightly better for movies. All OLED TVs are ... moreYeah, they're essentially the same so you can't really go wrong with any of those. Sony's calibration can often make a difference in movies though. So if it's that important I guess you'd go Sony. I didn't know LG sets are better for gaming. But I did read that LCD screens are still better for gaming compared to OLED.

  • Anonymous

greenarcher02, 12 Apr 2021As I've said, I haven't compared them on that fro... moreThey are only slightly better for movies. All OLED TVs are excellent for movies. They are pretty much the same for TV shows. LG OLED TVs are quite better for gaming, though.

Almand, 12 Apr 2021"Keep your friends close, enemies closer" Ever he... moreI sure have heard it I have also heard that ‘in dire situations even you worst enemy can become your best friend’

hahaha.... samsung you not using qled to make people think they buy oled instead? some older people who is not high tech obviously think they buying oled , since qled is of higher price compare to other. from far qled looks like oled... who knows samsung who is king of super amoled ... oled panel from handphone dont use oled screen for tv. qled is actually an lcd .

  • John Doe

Honesty at its best, 11 Apr 2021I hope LG realized that this a automatic sabotage and they... moreDoesn't Samsung have a stake in the LG company?

  • Anonymous

Meh I'd just get the Sony A90J this year.

Certified Gamer, 10 Apr 2021Why would 2 competitors become friends? It’s like Xiaomi an... more"Keep your friends close, enemies closer" Ever heard of this statement?

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Also, Sony OLED TVs aren't very good for gaming compar... moreAs I've said, I haven't compared them on that front. But they're definitely better for movies especially with Netflix. And for some reason, Sony handled burn-in better than LG especially in the early days. But LG has since fixed that it seems. But for now, Sony really is ahead when it comes to movies.

  • Anonymous

How does a company like samsung is not able to produce their own OLED PANELS.

Infa58, 11 Apr 2021TV drama: Samsung denies rumors that it’s buying OLED panel... more

Infa58, 10 Apr 2021FAKE news 😂TV drama: Samsung denies rumors that it’s buying OLED panels from LG

AhmedSLL, 10 Apr 2021It's simply because you understand nothing about how t... moreI’m sorry then for any confusion

  • Honesty at its best

I hope LG realized that this a automatic sabotage and they will be signing there death warrant if they only agree to this stupidity. We all know LG don't advertise a lot but we know there T.V technologies are the best in the world. When LG do that they will, have to supply themselves and Samsung; and Samsung is just going to rape them of all they technologies and over market them as there own and give there you tubers coin to beat down LG like what the did with the phone industry. LG dont waste your time continues to gain dominance in the T.V world and let Samsung mediocracy play catch up. What happens you have not learn wisdom as yet. This serious advice and honesty at its best. 👍👍

  • Bob

P C M, 10 Apr 2021This is totally false news.. Samsung has already develope... moreThe quantum dot OLED is not ready for mass production for the comming foreseable years. Samsung knows this.
In order to have their TV / big panel branch to survive they must switch to OLED now. The less worst option is to buy LG OLED panels.

Parallel to this are the politics in place to merge LG and Samsung more or less.
This is very needed to counter the Chinese Behemoth's.

IpsDisplay, 10 Apr 2021It can be as cheap if they use MICROLED as a backlighting s... moreHaha !
Then it won't be efficient or colorful as MicroLED.
It will just have better contrast ratio and get benfit which are related to it.

sq2013, 10 Apr 2021There's no question about it. LCD is way more durable.... moreInteresting comment thanks.

I am also thinking of upgrading my old F1 to either an F3 or an X3 Pro, and one of the major points in favor of the F3 was of course the (brighter) AMOLED screen - and 5G for future-proofing as I upgrade pretty rarely (obviously). Not eager to lose the headphone jack though and the bigger battery (fewer charge cycles) + LCD panel lead me to think that the X3 will last longer - even if only on 4G.

Plus a hundred bucks less....

Decisions decisions....

  • Anonymous

I don’t get it. Samsung is a huge player in smartphone AMOLED displays, why can’t it create those types of(or OLED) displays for TVs?

Sonu4678, 10 Apr 2021It's not a theory, it's a fact. Samsung is not in... moreSamsung has already made a big factory for making Quantum dot OLED.
I don't understand where are getting your fictions from !

  • Anonymous

Nick, 10 Apr 2021I can now also say that LCD has also burn-in. So why are yo... moreWell, I was called a liar by a Note 3 user with a non-burned in screen when I said my Note 3 had a green tint before I junked it.

Make that of what you will.

Nick, 10 Apr 2021A friend of mine has a LG OLED C9 and he plays a lot of PC ... moreYour dark mode will.of course look better on your oled

Because oled has the deepest blacks, if the quality of the oled isn't as great only then can an LCD darkmode look good

The LG G5 was the better dark mode even though it was oled vs samsung at the time