Samsung reportedly in talks with LG negotiating huge order of OLED TV panels

10 April 2021
LG to reportedly supply Samsung with ‘millions of OLED TV panels’ following a shift away from LCD technology.

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  • pt020

I don't like OLED screens on Phones or Watches ..
Useless in the sunlight.

  • Anonym

IpsDisplay, 10 Apr 2021The point is how much dimming zones is VISUALLY equal to 8m... moreIt's a lot more complicated than just number of dimming zones. The actuation time of each zone and the uniformity in that actuation matters A LOT, as seen with the issues in fast moving objects. OLEDs are truly amazing for this, but they have other shortcomings.

Nick, 10 Apr 2021They should have spend their anti OLED Ads money on OLED in... moreOLED is the dead end buddy

OLED can't ever overcome it's organic nature of decaying overtime

They keep putting on bandaids to make them not overheat from brightness and try to make them as bright as possible

LCD on the other hand has so much variety technologies backing it up

OLCD (yup there is LCD that behaves similar to OLED), DUAL CELL , MINiLED and even MICROLED hybrid

The development of artificial intelligence even favours handling the complexity of many dimming zones

Anonymous, 10 Apr 20211,000 vs 8 million. What do you think is better?The point is how much dimming zones is VISUALLY equal to 8million in OLED??

This can be 40000 we don't know yet but only LCD panels can answer this question

8 million doesn't mean as human beings were are able to perceive the difference

P C M, 10 Apr 2021MicroLED will never be as cheap as OLED. And I don't s... moreIt can be as cheap if they use MICROLED as a backlighting solution with an LCD layer on top

Like what nvidia has in mind

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021No, you can read reviews. LG OLED TVs are better than Panas... moreBS, show me a review from anyone who even begins to have a clue where the Panasonic HZ2000 is inferior to *any* consumer LG OLED TV. One could argue about pricing and availability, anything else is so evident that they would only make a fool of themselves.

SVK, 10 Apr 2021Hopefully LG collaborates with Samsung for Smartphones to k... moreWhy would 2 competitors become friends? It’s like Xiaomi and BBK becoming friends during a war

  • Anonymous

greenarcher02, 10 Apr 2021Because of the processor and color calibration done by each... moreAlso, Sony OLED TVs aren't very good for gaming compared to LG OLED TVs because they have higher input lags. You should really read reviews. Don't trust everything companies say. Obviously, they won't say that their products are inferior to products of their competitors.

  • Anonymous

Anonym, 10 Apr 2021Today's best enthusiast TV is a prosumer Panasonic, th... moreNo, you can read reviews. LG OLED TVs are better than Panasonic OLED TVs.

  • Anonymous

Almand, 10 Apr 2021numbers always doesnt give you the picture if it were true... moreDid you just compare 12 vs 108 and 0.01 vs 80?

Sonu4678, 10 Apr 2021Dude, that was temporary. They are not planning to mass pro... moreMicroLED will never be as cheap as OLED. And I don't see a 75inch microled coming down under 10,000$ within next 10 years.
So, your theory is a waste.

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Samsung OLED Technology is licensed from NokiaYou guys are total joker.
Nokia has nothing to do with OLED.

Infa58, 10 Apr 2021Let's see how they deal with screenburn issues. LG has... moreLG's panel's are more likely to burn as LG use color filter which eats half the initial brightness.
For OLED the more voltage you run through the circuit the early it dies. So, minimum brightness lose is what's Samsung's approach.

Infa58, 10 Apr 2021My LG oled got screenburn. Well because you dront treat right, I have OLED TV for 3 years and it is in perfect condition

Infa58, 10 Apr 2021Pl. read the sources 1&2 at the bottom of the article a... moreFake is your head, Smasung wanted to move to OLED panels for long time and use QLED on it its been over q year in discussion.

r33fd, 10 Apr 2021Putting quantum dots on OLED makes no sense. Quantom dot... moreYou are who makes no sense QLED will simply enchance all OLED brightness colors and everything to new levels, this will be basically OLED on steroid using QLED, it makes completely alot of sense.

Anonymous, 10 Apr 20211,000 vs 8 million. What do you think is better?numbers always doesnt give you the picture
if it were true all these phone with 108MP sensors would have been better than iPhone 12mp or Samsungs flagship phones in capturing photos and videos.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021I don‘t think LCD is a dead horse. Today, LCDs are brighter... moreThis, so much this!

  • Anonym

Almand, 10 Apr 2021OLED is not any better than MicroLED TVs actually MiniLED ... moreBoth technologies have their sets of advantages/disadvantages, that complement each other.
Today's Mini-LED (and Micro-LED) are not the "end all be all" of PQ, especially for fast moving sports watching. Maybe it will get better over time, but right now (in terms of **fast moving objects**) those don't even match the LED backlit panel they are replacing -- let alone OLED.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021The point is that, why don't you just buy an LG OLED TV?Today's best enthusiast TV is a prosumer Panasonic, that excels the LG TVs in many regards, even peak brightness -- this despite using an LG OLED panel. The panel is just one part of the equation for good picture quality. We should already now this because it's a very similar problem (picture quality) as found in smartphone cameras: Sony makes the best camera sensors, but their smartphones get handily beaten by third-parties that use Sony sensors.