BlackBerry 10 beta 3 released, shows revamped UI

26 September, 2012
Alongside the latest BlackBerry 10 build unveil, RIM also showed its new Dev Alpha B phone to run it.

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  • skib

I hope this bb10 will have efficient battery because iphone is good partly because their battery is very efficient.blackberry should consider improving in their battery efficiency

  • ruff

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2012RIM is not competitive anymore, why even bother? just File Chapt... moreQnx kicks android butt. I have android good phone OS but it doesn't control 20+million autos .high-speed trains ; flight simulators should I continue

  • PJ Trouble

I am so glad that bb is still around and trying to come up with new stuff. The Apple and Android phones just STEAL your info and sell it to the highest bidding advertiser. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for 3 days and after the 3rd level tech support agreed it would not sync with my outlook account I brought it right back.

  • BB_detail

Users should realize this is Blackberry's Alpha B device (hardware) and is not their release build.
Though the hardware look like the Nokia's line up of phones, the Blackberry production devices will not have the same look.
Nokia lovers don't need to scream 'lawsuit'

  • AnonD-244

Seriously I think RIM should just give up. It's game over for them already.

  • gam30toronto

i hope they make it. we need more innovative phones out there.

  • AnonD-35955

Sam4ever, 27 Sep 2012It's great to see BlackBerry attempting to reinvent itself. It's... moreReinvent? You must be kidding, right?

  • Sam4ever

It's great to see BlackBerry attempting to reinvent itself. It's really great to see such a device from BB. I hope the long delay in launch is worth the polished-finished product :-)

Hoping this one succeeds... then we'll have a good 4 eco-systems to juggle around with ! :-P

  • AnonD-5465

Exact Nokia belle OS with Lumia 800 design ! first HTC now bb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arg0

Looks like RIM took up the MeeGo heritage. I wish them success.

  • App

They should stay with the bar-style
something like this is not for BB
it doesn't even look nice
its a just another "Xperia" type with a smaller screen ;/

  • Guddu

Cum on nokia sue them , for coping the design and looks from lumia 800 phone ....

  • Anonymous

Redemption for bb!

  • 009

HD, 27 Sep 2012hmmm... looks a lot like n9.. Agree!!

  • sushi

it more looks like the nokia 800.

  • Anonymous

still not nice..only focusing on communication,,im not enjoying black berry..

  • Anonymous

sounds promising.. gonna give it a try ;) BB 10 FTW!

  • HD

hmmm... looks a lot like n9..

  • Anonymous

The menu + icon looks like a $35 touch screen china phone...
Not interesting at all...

  • Sanna

Like this better than my flat and boring wp