Xiaomi Mi 11X series coming to India on April 23

12 April 2021
These will likely be rebranded versions of the Redmi K40 and K40 Pro.

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Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021Is this the Dimensity 1200 of the K40 series?No that will cost 350 USD.

    Tigolebitties, 12 Apr 2021Wait. So, basically they rebranded the Redmi K40 to Poco F3... moreYes. Price will be above 400USD.

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      • sq2013
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      • 13 Apr 2021

      cilginosman, 12 Apr 2021Pfff please Xiaomi, fix your software first instead of shov... moreWhat do you mean? It's not broken. It's not too everyone's taste but there are other manufacturers out there too. I happen to think it's fine but I prefer arrow or revolution os so just rooted my phone. I personally don't believe there's any official rom or UI as good as the best custom roms out there. To be honest a lot of guys developing custom roms are more talented than in house software engineers from my experience unless the in house guys are being restricted by the manufacturers. I got volte and WiFi calling on my mi 10T lite 5G after root and installing the pixel experience rom. Neither of these were available on the native stock rom.

        Hope it better than mi 11 and not too powerful than 11 ultra with good price offer.

          yay more rebrands! so exciting

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            • 12 Apr 2021

            For those obsessed with names: get a life!
            You should buy your phones after you analyzed the specs, not by name. Redmi, Poco and Mi have the same software, so what's the problem? After all, these are phones for India only, in China are Redmi and in rest Poco.

              Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021Fix ????! No one have problems at all in the softwareYes there is no problem isn the software just stop pumping out phones like rain Xiaomi

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                • 12 Apr 2021

                Poor strategy in my opinion. They shouldn't have keep following vivo/Oppo/Realme "rebranding" strategy.

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                  • 12 Apr 2021

                  cilginosman, 12 Apr 2021Pfff please Xiaomi, fix your software first instead of shov... moreFix ????! No one have problems at all in the software

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                    • 12 Apr 2021

                    Xtreme, xceptional, xquisite, xclusive.
                    That's kinda cringe

                      Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021because they want to control products in different markets ... moreYea but what if they sell the same thing with a different name in the same country. Isn't Poco F3 coming to India too?

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                        • 12 Apr 2021

                        It will be priced 30K because of MI branding. It would be less if this released under redmi or poco branding.

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                          • 12 Apr 2021

                          Disappointing to hear this. Was really hoping mi 11 and mi 11 pro released in China earlier,would be part of the April 23 release. That doesn't seem likely now.

                            There are 26 alphabets and its gonna occupy all the alphabets like one market= one alphabet. Thinking about it feels funny but the change should be the pricing at the correct value if its targeting the Indian market it should make the original price for k40 which was cheaper than the poco pricing. If its cheaper than poco then mark my words it gonna be "millions sold in the first week".

                              i was hyped for k40 now its poco and later again i saw news saying it 11x .To see the latest news i followed redmi k40 once again every site of poco and now its again Mi 11x. They just made me wait for a months without any news of release. I was hyped but now i am angry.

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                                • 12 Apr 2021

                                Nothing new everything is available on every other smartphone company with some price or even cheaper. Without telephoto or periscope min 3X optical zoom no need to buy any other newly lunched smartphone today not only for me everybody should understand that everything is same same mp csmes same sensor only different is lightening colouring lol from 2019 still 2021 same cameras. Useless

                                  crazy name system...
                                  3 different name system for China,India and Gloabl(other countries)....

                                    XIAOMI stop making 10000 rebrands and start working on a proper different phone and not 100 models per month 😒

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                                      • 12 Apr 2021

                                      Can't really stand this! Sometimes I feel that even Realme makes more sense, although it's almost as cringe!

                                        Pfff please Xiaomi, fix your software first instead of shovelling new models every month