OnePlus Watch hands-on review

13 April 2021
A waste of time.

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  • Anonymous

Best watch I have seen I like it's build quality silicon band everything its os is also very good I am saying it as I also own one it was my dream watch and yesterday I got it now it's mine yahoo

paco2x, 16 Apr 2021Maybe at $50 could be interesting, but at $160 is not worth... moreI will give you $50 and you will make the same watch for me. And let me know if you will need more money to make it done

Maybe at $50 could be interesting, but at $160 is not worth considering.

  • One plus supporter

Please collaborate with Garmin,

Robert, 13 Apr 2021Can I pay with that watch and how?Not right now. The watch has NFC but there's no payment system available.

Sss, 14 Apr 2021Hi Pls confirm if it is cellular watchIt isn't. You can only make and receive calls with it if it is paired with a phone.

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021I would like to point out the leather strap is not switched... moreI don't need to do research. I live in India. And despite what you mentioned, leather is an extremely commonly manufactured and traded good in India, and available on everything from car seats to bags, belts to what have you. Even if we limit our discussion to just smartwatches, both Apple and Samsung offer genuine leather belts for their smartwatches in India, as do many other brands. So the only logical reason why OnePlus would omit it in India is for cost cutting reasons. That or it's now in the business of virtue signaling and dog whistling.

  • JVD

Very poor specifications for such a price, better to buy any AmazFit watch or some Honor stuff instead of this one. Only 15 watchfaces, what a shame! My Honor MagicWatch 2 can install 32 watchfaces. If it was released 2 years ago, it would be a perfect watch to wear, but in today's scenario, this watch stands in no competition with its competitors in the markets.

  • Nitesh57

No always on display! What an absolute waste of a watch with great potential. This is an absolute deal breaker. Once you get used to the always on display, you cannot go back to a regular display.

  • Sss

Pls confirm if it is cellular watch

would be better if Oneplus also add some features like ECG and Blood Pressure

Mother Cow, 13 Apr 2021The OnePlus Watch is pointless as it doesn't run on We... moreWearOS is bad, it is bottom of the barrel. it is just an unoptimized buggy mess of an OS and a very unintuitive and unappealing UI to top it off

This watch is a Joke in the name of SmartWatch!

I'll say again "so many years working on this and teasing consumers to come out with this?". What a disgrace year for Oneplus. First OP9/Pro fails to impress in cameras (that was the main objective) and now this mediocre watch...
They should launch a Nord 2 for €249 and a OP9T for €449 if they want to impress and save the year...

  • Mother Cow

The OnePlus Watch is pointless as it doesn't run on Wear OS. No apps makes this as redundant as a £60,000 Patek Philippe watch, for neither watch can be worn to serve their intended need (in the case of a Patek Philippe, no sooner is it on one's wrist, it will become the object of desire by passing pickpocketers).

  • Mother Cow

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021I would like to point out the leather strap is not switched... moreThough you are correct with your points you raise, unfortunately you did not read with due diligence as the review clearly states the strap is made from "vegan leather", which is polyurethane - AKA fake leather.

Not being on a standardized platform such as Wear OS does mean there is no third-party app support on the OnePlus Watch

  • Andres

OnePlus's antics keep getting worse. I can bet that the company will cease to exist in 2-3 years if they continue launching products like this.

  • Robert

Can I pay with that watch and how?

so what did we learn?

OnePlus released bad products this year, well, next year

  • milan

Strava support?