ZTE Axon 30 Ultra to feature razor-thin frame, 4,600mAh battery

13 April 2021
It's going to be a big device with a super thin and lightweight chassis.

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  • Anonymous

Why don't android phones use stainless steel on the more premium models like Apple does?

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021Impressiveikr it is very impressive

  • Cakkerlakker

This is not at all impressive. The Xiaomi Mi 11 5g LITE for example is only 6.8mm thick. This 8mm thickness is very standard these days and found on almost every smartphone. So this is not at all thin in any way possible

Olym1mk2, 13 Apr 2021I can't wait to see the reviews talking about the scre... moreI'm not quite sure how much of this comment is supposed to be taken seriously.

  • Anonymous

ishreal, 13 Apr 2021The Oppo R5 and R5s were thinner at 4.9mm and Vivo X5Max is... moreRead again, my comment. I said thinnest phone from a mainstream maker. Oppo and vivo weren't popular back then, still relatively recent in the industry, and quite unknown on the global level. I know about those oppo and vivo phones. Also the. Moto was much more premium in comparison and also lighter so that's what makes it better plus it has Moto mods compatibility and flagship specs while those 2 phones were mid range at best with a mediocre build

To be really honest, anything under 8.5mm is an acceptable value for the slimmer design causes lower battery-capacities, heating issues; camera bumps and whatnot. Though I do appreciate the effort, the practicality of this design will only be deduced when actually holding the device. As they say: to each his own.

  • marorun

5tt, 13 Apr 2021Am I the only one whos not bothered by phone's thickne... moreWell thats why there is battery case that exist i guess ;)

L.O.R.D, 13 Apr 2021It's just that the screen is curved. The thinnest phon... moreThe Oppo R5 and R5s were thinner at 4.9mm and Vivo X5Max is 4.75mm.

  • Anonymous


I can't wait to see the reviews talking about the screen problems, because screen feels your finger heat from the back of the phone.

So nope, that's not impressive at all.

It's just that the screen is curved. The thinnest phone from a mainstream manufacturer was actually the Motorola Moto Z at just 5.2 mm thin and that was an aluminium design with a weight of just 136 grams

The world has matured enough that nobody brags about having the thinnest or slimmest phone anymore.
Heck, even Apple got this and made the latest iPhones a bit thicker and boxy in style, as opposed to what they were doing in the iPhone 6 era.

well I hope we will not gonna get another thickness war as back with future phone in 2004-8 or something like that. As far as it was cool for simple phone, for smartphone it can end bad, especially when they have screens bigger than 5-6 inches.

I mean Oppo r5 and galaxy A8 was cool but they where tad... low.... in battery and performances and A8 was tad hot

  • Woohoo

Reminds me of the beautiful Nokia 8 Sirocco with it's thin SS edges😍😍

8mm thick...and another 4mm for the camera bump.

  • Anonymous

Can’t they twice the thickness in exchange for 4600x2 batteries? I would buy it coz it will be still thiner than a thin phone+power bank.

  • SuspectedData

Not really thin though, apart from the frame, and unless they got the tolerances between the glass and the frame perfect that's going to be like holding a blade in your hand.

Plus the high curvatures on the device just makes it harder to pack in components, I would rather have a thicker frame and the glass only slightly curved or not at all and have more room for battery.

Hope the iPhone 12 frame design catches on in the android scene tbh, with a subtle curve on the frame/backglass. Oops I described the iPhone 11 πŸ˜‚

r31ya, 13 Apr 2021"Ultra thin phone." It also have "feature... more,πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous

r31ya, 13 Apr 2021"Ultra thin phone." It also have "feature... moreCan't for Jerry to bend test it.

"Ultra thin phone."

It also have "feature" to curve itself to match your pocket curvature