Watch the TCL 20L, 20S, and 20 Pro announcement live here

14 April 2021
We also except to see some foldable and rollable devices.

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  • 16 Apr 2021

Where can I buy the TCL NXTPAPER? Isn't is supposed to be released now?

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    • 16 Apr 2021

    DerChecker, 15 Apr 2021so what about that e-ink like tablet? nxtpaper or something... moreYes, I am also waiting for the TCL Nxpaper. Is it coming soon?

      so what about that e-ink like tablet? nxtpaper or something like that, was that some empty promise that they try to silence away?

        But who tf buys TCL ? In which country ?

          J3, 14 Apr 2021TCL 20 Series launch date: 2021r/techinicallythetruth

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            • 14 Apr 2021

            TCL 20 Series launch date: 2021

              The only camera info that we get is the '64MP' main camera sensor and that it has a 'night mode'.

              No mention of the sensor size / sensor type / lenses / image stabilization.

              Tired of these cash-grab companies that fool customers with big numbers.

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                • 14 Apr 2021

                550€ for a SD 750G? i think at least the 780G should be in.

                  Pretty excited about tcl they have IGZO panels

                  Since sharp isnt doing anything with their TV/display technologies

                  Tcl has even matched color performance to oled at 110% ntsc

                  As they demonstrated at Cite2021 here: