Here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite 5G

15 April 2021
An official press render reveals the entirety of Samsung's upcoming slate.

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  • ca6

Most of you dont understand the position of this tablet. Comparing this one to direct enemy ipad you will see that if you just want a big screen for digital note taking only choice is S7+ or ipad 12.9. Both of them cuase too much for note taking. So samsung realese this tablet for them. Because ipad not have cheap big screen ipad. Samsung will steal many of customer that want big screen. In term of software , if you really want to talk pls be specific dont be apple fangay here. As i see many fucntion are verymuch similar 90%.

  • ca6

The Critic, 16 Apr 2021So the premium Samsung S7 is 11 inches but the Lite version... moreTime change target change

  • ca6

joni, 05 May 2021Samsung, please don't put an LCD on this. I know stand... moreYou should know that oled screen use pwm to decrease screen brigness that cause eyestrain to many people. Sometimes you think you play phone too much so it cause your eye to get tired. But what happen is pwm is the reason that cause your eye strain. I see the real difference by expiremeting by my own eye .Tab s7 lite is for note taking purpose and that will not happen for sure.

  • joni

Samsung, please don't put an LCD on this. I know standard Tab S7 had LCD, but even the older Tab S5e had AMOLED, and that was a mid-range tablet as well.

Also 4GB RAM is unacceptable, there are

  • Very big

It is very big, bigger than tab s7. I hope Samsung release a 8_9 inch tablet with similar hardware and big battery. The problem with them is that when their tablet get smaller by size, their hardware get weaker too.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully the usb c is 3.1 and not 2.0 like the s6 lite...

vbwullf, 17 Apr 2021Confused are you talking about phones or tablets? If it is ... moreBoth, and the notch&hole can and should be avoided in both cases regardless.

  • Tano27

This tablet should cost $350 the basic versión.
The 6GB version should cost $400.

  • Tano27

I hope they will release a 6gb ram too.
And the base version (4gb of ram) should cost no more than $300.

Can you another day? Is this?

vbwullf, 17 Apr 2021What tablet can you type on with one hand? 12.4" is fi... moreAlso android tabs can usually do a split keyboard on screen

omzig, 15 Apr 2021i honestly don't get 12+ inches tablets.. you can not... moreWhat tablet can you type on with one hand? 12.4" is fine, it is way lighter than my Pixel slate and that thing is a beast! And takes up more space than a regular laptop where are you getting this misinformation from?

Why are so many of you so critical about the screen size and included pen. You do realize that if these are not things you are interested in there are always Tab A devices for you to pick from or the numerous ipads? You have choices people quit your crying!

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2021Unfortunately, Apple iPads seem cheaper, but then you’ll ne... moreYou do realize that whatever cheap apple product they put out is only going to have an 8" screen compared to the supposed 12.4" screen on the Samsung.

Lol.ivan, 16 Apr 2021Ahh its procreate and that one photoshop alternative Also ... moreVery good points, there is also sketchbook. Which does quite a lot

M1999, 16 Apr 202112.4 inch is waaaaaaaay too big for most people. Also, why ... moreYou still have the option to get the more expensive units or an iPad of any size. The world is your oyster...

Demongornot, 16 Apr 2021See people, it doesn't hurt to have no notch/punch hol... moreConfused are you talking about phones or tablets? If it is phones your point is lost as you don't have the same space to work with.

  • Anonymous

Lol.ivan, 16 Apr 2021Did you forget samsung DeX?? It can literally hold more tha... moreYes, DeX is the future of phones and tablets, but it needs a flagship processor to run smoothly. I'm undecided between them, so I guess I'll choose the cheaper tablet (wifi only). Samsung will probably bundle the Tab S7 Lite with the s-pen (which I don't need) and use it as justification to price it above the iPad.

PaidReviewer, 16 Apr 2021I'm sure it'll be over priced like all Samsung de... moreHopefully this is priced around the same as the tab s6 lite, since you know how bad the device is for media consumption.

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021I don't draw on my tablet so most of your points are m... moreDid you forget samsung DeX?? It can literally hold more than 6 tabs (i forgot how much now it can handle since the numbers was based on last year) than the ipad can handle.
I can recommend the ipad but if you want a big tablet for media consumption, multitasking, some "light" work, drawing, and more on a cheap price, go for the tab s7 lite, ipadOS is great but i personally think android over OneUI+DeX is better