Weekly poll: Sony Xperia Mark III tries something different, but is it worth the price of admission?

18 April 2021
Looking at these three you get the feeling that Sony is ignoring market trends and is content to do its own thing - would you be part of it?

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Woohoo, 18 Apr 2021Wait, so variable telephoto, 20fps burst w/ AF/AE, human/pe... moreSome people just think that all phones beside iPhones and Samsung phones are crap and should be cheap. Hard to persuade them

BTW UI belongs to software...

  • AJ

Gsmmarena why u want 8 k video capture when the phone display is 4k display, what other brand phones offer 4k display? Stop making complaints

Anybody who buys these will regret it, Sony's "lightweight" Android is, in my experience, the buggiest thing I've ever seen.
Don't do it folks.

  • Anonymous

Daany, 18 Apr 2021Why does GSMA always put up polls and debates over Sony Xpe... moreExactly, and they in their wisdom are going by leaked pricing from Russia, at least wait tlll Sony officially confirms the international pricing.

  • Woohoo

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021Sony smartphones are quite nice devices , the problem is th... moreWait, so variable telephoto, 20fps burst w/ AF/AE, human/pet eye-tracking, AF on all 3 lenses, HP jack, tool-less microSD & SIM slot all while retaining IP68, almost-4k @120Hz, front-facing stereo speakers, clean android UI is not good hardware?

Why does GSMA always put up polls and debates over Sony Xperia's prices? Every Flagship this year is basically the same price. Even Xiaomi now has 1200 EUR phones, so what's this Xperia blackmail about?

I'm waiting for someone to say "Why are phones still coming with chargers inside the box? That's so outdated now! Embrace the future and promote no-charger-in-the-box habit!"

  • Woohoo

Shanti Dope, 18 Apr 2021It is not worth it for those who are looking for something ... moreWell put!! I kinda reflected the same in my previous comment

All sony Xperias are too expensive. Such as Apples or Samsung or LG etc.
For same price brands like Xiaomi ,Oppo, *Vivo realme and many else can make 2 equally powerfull or even better devices.
Everything will be same apart the brand logo.
Maybe the Sony means quality but every competitor and brand gives 2 years of warranty and not more so the company logo shouldnt have any value at all.

  • AnonD-966113

Vic4BBM, 18 Apr 2021Would always prefer Sony had it been available in India. Bu... moreIkr! It's sad they exited the market.

  • Johnny232

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021The problem with them is that they seem to be good, but rea... moreLook at the comparison done by "Grant Likes Tech" YouTube Channel, the new Android 11 update has improved the cameras on last year's Xperia 1 II significantly

When Sony tries to be different, people would say that they're out of their minds and should ride with Samsung and Apple's trends instead.

When Sony tries to be similar to the trend, people would say that they're lacking originality and is copying Samsung and Apple instead.

Just imagine yourself being in Sony's shoes and constantly receiving feedbacks like these. Lol.

  • AnonD-966113

Price is definitely an issue....
But the biggest problem is aftersales support.
It's usually more towards being complicated.

Their phones are premium looking and feature packed, but they've been discontinued in this region, due to lack to interest, which is understood as a lot people just look for a cheap phone with loads of features to use for a short time and discard later. Sony doesn't do that. Their phones are quality and that kind of quality doesn't come cheap. This is Sony

  • Anonymous

Sony smartphones are quite nice devices , the problem is the price they command that's high compared to what the device brings and that you get hardly any discount even after one year of the release.
Android flagship go for >1000 bucks nowadays but it's somewhat justified because in one way or another flagships they bring something that push the boundaries with design and ,using the best hardware available at the time of release whether it's the camera sensor, materials, or features, for example the s21 ultra has UWB support, digitizer, big 5Ah battery etc Xiaomi Utra has big ass sensor, ceramic back ,new gen battery with fast charge.
When you look at these Sony devices, you pay a similar amount of money for devices that while well made, they never give you that premium/non plus ultra that other premium flagship with their dated design and component like the side mounted fingerprint sensor that nowadays is mainly found in cheap android smarpthones.

It is not worth it for those who are looking for something different. Obviously these phones are not the same kind of phones that the Galaxy S21 phones and iPhone 12 phones are, so they shouldn't even be compared directly.

For those who are looking for the things in a smartphone that only Sony offers (4K 120Hz display, 3.5mm jack, dual front-facing stereo speakers, normal bezel with no screen cutout, microSD card expansion, classic no-curved screen design, manual photography and cinematography capabilities), then these phones are surely their dream phone of 2021.

In short, just get whatever device suits your needs and no need to be so toxic against somebody who's doing nothing but making great phones that are just under-appreciated due to the biased media.
There are far more important things in life to be mad about than a simple smartphone that aims nothing but to just help improve your lifestyle.

Yup I'm buying 2 Xperia 1 mk3 when it comes out...so impatient 😬

These are lovely phones, but prices play a huge role in these phones. Knowing Sony, I know these phones are gonna be very expensive.

  • Anonymous

Why go back to the "will you buy" polls again? It completely disregards the possibility that I yes, think a phone is good, but no, I don't want to buy it.

Anyhoo, fair phones, way too overpriced.

I wish they made a 7 inch phone with a 4k screen. That would be so awesome.