Rumor: Samsung is working on triple-folding tablet for next year

16 April 2021
It will feature many new features introduced by the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3, including a new S Pen and improved Ultra Thing Glass (UTG).

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  • Anonymous

MrGenie, 18 Apr 2021and they will call it Samsung Pamphlet! arrgh.. some te... moreThe S folded phone is/was literally the holy grail of foldables for more than a decade now. It deals with the aspect ratio issue (i.e. the aspect ratio in either tablet *or* phone form is not awkward), it protects the extra screen estate without having to introduce an extra (external) screen (a horrible design that adds to the thickness unesseraily) , it makes the tablet mode actually useful instead of the "slightly bigger screen" of recent (i.e. going from 6.6 inch to 7.5 inch unfolded is cook and all, however going from 6.5 to 10 inch is the ideal).

Again I don't think that the tech is here yet. But yeah, when it is, it will kill all other designs and sort of become the standard. You sound like the people who were doubting the headless design early on. I.e. so completely wrong, that one has to study how can some people be so precisely wrong. I guess it is some kind of talent...

  • MrGenie

and they will call it Samsung Pamphlet!

arrgh.. some technologies are meant for being only a concept not a reality!

In few years smartphons will be transformed?

  • Anonymous

We don't care even it is 100 folds! Bring rollable instead. It will introduce variable.aspec5 ratio and solve all foldable issues.

  • waka baka

the question whats version of triple folding will samsung implemented here? 1. z style like samsung prototype, or 2. u style like xiaomi prototype.

  • ANsns

The phones gone so big, that now, we must fold it...
whats next? a bag to carry them around ?!

Apple started a true and epic category with the iphone
Samsung started a true drama and stuppid brick phone with the note 1

Mslucy, 16 Apr 2021Danish... Never heard about this before. I live in Bagsværd... more

  • e

Lenovo already done that

Olym1mk2, 16 Apr 2021We are still waiting for the Danish designed flip phone. It... moreDanish... Never heard about this before. I live in Bagsværd in Denmark... Interesting 🌞

Double folding or tripple folding as long as their durability compared to price is zero its clueless and pointless.

I don't really expect this tablet to be released any time soon though. Might come in 2 years or something.

We are still waiting for the Danish designed flip phone. It's ages old, yet it still suggested 3 samoled screens.