Report: Samsung considered bringing back the 3D ToF sensor for the Galaxy S22, decided not to

19 April 2021
Apparently, it was Apple's decision to include a ToF sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro that caused Samsung to think about bringing it back.

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  • roy

Ivo., 20 Apr 2021The moral of the story is to never copy the bad Apple choices!samsung had used 3d sensors before apple do. can you remember s10 5G has dual 3d sensors. apple copied that in 2020 iPhone 12 pro. apple is stupid. I'm a iPhone user but I hating apple now

  • Anonymous

It's too bad, the TOF sensor was exceptionally useful for photogrammetry

I myself can't really see the whole point of using 3D ToF other than for Portrait photography. Maybe there is some good use for 3D ToF with AR, but AR itself is not that popular.

Just don't copy what apple is doing, it's that simple..

The moral of the story is to never copy the bad Apple choices!

beep bop boop, 19 Apr 2021whats a 3D ToF? is that like a LiDAR scanner?its similar to that but more complex, lets just say its a biometric sensor capable of amazing boken portraits background blur aswell as focus assist since, theres already like a biometric sensor on the s21 ultra the laser auto focus theres no need for a 2nd biometric sensor

  • TC

There is a whole world of real productive applications possible with the time of flight sensor , also that were in the making.
Samsung in the first place had made it difficult to use by programming the earlier time of flight camera it had in its phone and was the main reason of not having many use cases.
With no TOF this will simply shift those applications to Sony and to Apple.
I have been buying Samsung all through but will now shift to Apple as this is poor vision and execution.

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021LOL, the Laser that has single point is better than ToF tha... moreYou completely missed the point of what I said.
With the current use of depth sensors, 3D ToF is useless, by the way laser-range finder is a ToF too.
There are a LOT of uses for a high resolution ToF, the issue is that they won't be implemented until there is one made.
Low resolution ToF and LiDARs in general are good for industrial uses, scanning, and 3D spatial location and navigation, but when it comes to art (photography) they are not adapted AT ALL, but the industrial type are the only one available, it doesn't mean they are the best for that use.

Also, technically it doesn't have 10k or 30k lasers, it is often a single laser or a laser array passing through a diffraction grating.
The thing is, the tech projecting many rays isn't adapted for what smartphones do and should do, the Flash ToF/LiDAR is a much more adapted tech one, as it basically emit a single bright flash, which is often from a laser whose beam has been widened, or an LED (though the Laser has many advantages), and collect, per pixels, the time delay or phase shift, which give much better performances than identifying each dot, as now you have an array of data containing a timing for each pixel, and your depth map resolution is limited by your sensor resolution and not by the number of dots.

Well technically it isn't called "Flash LiDAR" as basically all non-scanning LiDAR are Flash LiDARs.
But the naming is so messed up in this field that it would do.

It isn't "Single Photon" by itself as other techs can achieve that result, but this is one of those I am talking about :
Here the sensor have a low resolution as it is an experiment, but it can be upscaled significantly.

  • Anonymous

This is pointless to improve the cameras because the app developers can’t optimize phone’s cameras to their apps.

wongwatt, 19 Apr 2021Huawei no longer have Google, I use a Huawei phone, but to ... moreTo break your comment down:

Huawei has or is currently in the middle of defeating Google's services. Their only worry is the processor.

Samsung in the camera department has a competitor in Sony so there will always be competition. And just because they don't use their own technology, doesn't mean they're not innovating and featuring in other phones, take GN2 and their mentioned latest ToF sensor.

  • Anonymous

Love the tof on my note 10+.

Am curiois why nobody is using the ToF sensor on the Nokia 9 Pureview. That apparently had the best ToF sensor on any smartphone.

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 19 Apr 2021oh so now i am not allowed to ask questions?yes

since tech "enthusiasts" and tech "experts" are geeks and the "smartest" people.

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021oh boy i thought you were a tech expert commenting on every... moreoh so now i am not allowed to ask questions?

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 19 Apr 2021whats a 3D ToF? is that like a LiDAR scanner?oh boy i thought you were a tech expert commenting on every single gsmarena news article, review and even small stuff.

whats a 3D ToF? is that like a LiDAR scanner?

wongwatt, 19 Apr 2021A few phones came with tof sensors that year, the S10 didn&... moreAgain, S10 5G has ToF sensor both front and back.

wongwatt, 19 Apr 2021A few phones came with tof sensors that year, the S10 didn&... moreSorry yes, the really expensive 5G version did have a tof.

Aldwin123, 19 Apr 2021Huh? Did you even understand the Article? 1. Samsung decid... moreA few phones came with tof sensors that year, the S10 didn't.
Most famously the Huawei P30 Pro made excellent use of it.

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021name explains it all lolHi anonymous troll, my screen name doesn't actually mean anything - it's a word I made up.
I am a Huawei user, no Google = no sale for the majority.
All the other big boys are downgrading their camera arrays because they don't have to worry about Huawei, that's the truth.