Moto G60 and G40 Fusion and unveiled with 120Hz refresh rate displays and SD 732G

20 April 2021
The newest Moto G members feature plenty of similarities.

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  • m

I think they should ditch that "M" logo. A rebranding should be considered.

It is missing Gorilla Glass 5 when compared to my old phone.

impinas, 20 Apr 2021The midrange sector is already getting oleds and slightly b... moreAnd a hell of a lot of bugs too in that range of phones

Now these are correct prices for the specs. Finally Moto...

  • vetri

after long time better moto phone for better price

It's a solid choice for anyone looking for an ad and bloat free android device at around 200 bucks. Looking forward to see how Samsung M22 and A22 turns out.

These look very competitively priced. I have been pleasantly surprised after switching from an S20 FE to a Moto G8. While more affordable, everything feels polished and snappy.

The midrange sector is already getting oleds and slightly better processors. So, no...

I want Moto Z series back, these G and E series are just another bunch of mobiles for name sake