Samsung Galaxy F52 5G pops up in TENAA listing

21 April 2021
Yet another Galaxy F-devices coming soon.

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  • Gai

When it I'll launch

  • SK Sakib

It would have been better if the battery was 6/7 thousand mah 🙂.

  • Ali

This phone has 4 cameras in the back panel

  • Anonymous

It doesn't looks like a rebranded smartphone it has side mounted finger print scanner and it's camera cutout is also different

  • Anonymous

I can't understand why people are angry, here it is.

New Samsung phones that are just a rebranded device.
Basically just a same device with different software region. I can see that this doesn't impact e-waste. Moreover there is a chance that they recycle the phone to make the same phone again but different region name. This has a chance that this device is leftover that they put new software in, i can see that as recycle, which means this doesn't impact e-waste.

Rebranded M42 5g

Tough competition to chinese in terms of rebranding, creating confusion.

Dometalican, 21 Apr much for 'caring about the environment' eh?pretty much all phone brands try to fool their customers into thinking what their doing is a huge impact in something else

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021samsung is launching a lot of phones in this much for 'caring about the environment' eh?

  • Anonymous

samsung is launching a lot of phones in this quarter