Weekly poll: will you buy into the computer-grade performance of the new iPad Pros?

25 April 2021
With M1 chipsets, these are not far off a MacBook Air without a keyboard. Actually, the iPad Pro 12.9 has a better screen than the Mac laptop.

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Note 20 Ultra, 26 Apr 2021My $1100 LTE enabled, with expandable storage option, call ... moreI agree the Tab 7+ is an awesome tablet, but the SoC can't really compare to the M1. The real advantage of Samsung's tablet is the OS

What is the point of all that power when software limit it?

Apple software is good for editing some basic videos, drawing and typing some short text, but in real work you need to deal with lots of different files formats, work with other devices(other computers, pendrivers, sensors, other not-iOS devices)exporting/importing files, typing long code text, have precise pointer movement, jump from one app to another with the same files and we all known how file/folder structure work on iOS, all app have their own environment and you cant drag files between them, not to mention pain in transferring them between other devices.

But its not only Apple, Android is also not really good at real work, even if you have proper access to files and you have more options in terms of i/e tablet is just an additional tool in work, it cant replace more advanced software that you can get on computer.

My $1100 LTE enabled, with expandable storage option, call options, WhatsApp, 12.9 inches WQHD AMOLED screen with stylus Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is neatly serving my purpose...a big no for any iPads

[deleted post]what app? replace what? with laptop/PC you get almost everything you need... i think it more durable too for over 7 years. $1100 for a tablet? the rest of it you can buy mi pad 5

The 12.9 inch one should be a laptop,I just hope it can install MacOS so I can use it replace my Macbook Air.
12.9 in is too big for a tablet but very suitable as laptop.
It have Thunder 4 Port,16GB RAM and 2T ROM,M1 chip,it is a dual in one laptop

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Just a guy, 25 Apr 2021Have have a iPhone for my personal phone and a galaxy 21 fo... moreOh, next time come with a better story. You're not great at lies.

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Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021The Razer Blade Pro costs 2 times the iPad Pro and lacks mo... moreStill better than the iPad Pro. Any windows laptop is better than the iPad Pro in productivity. What are you gonna do with the iPad besides Photoshop? Play Candy Crush?

This Q is a joke, right? No tab can be compared to a full fledged PC/notebook with proper hardware (macs not included because of their game-less OSs).

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Aacro X, 26 Apr 2021Having iPadOS instead of macOS make these iPads a waste of ... moreiPadOS just cripples the M1.

100% no. AMD Ryzen FTW! End of story.

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Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Define computrr grade performance? If you mean the fastest ... moreAre u comparing M1 chip with crapdragon 855??

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There's no way i'd ever consider an Apple device ever. But honestly, when it comes to tablets, i think they are totally useless in general, so i doubt i'd consider any other brand too.

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Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Why compare to a13??! Ohhh I see coz a14 is thermal throttl... moreA14 beats 888 even when throttled. Lol, 888 need huge size phone to even compare to a14.. As for this tablet, go away 888 even 865+ is nothing.

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[deleted post]Is there any android tablet which can beat iPad Pro.

Having iPadOS instead of macOS make these iPads a waste of money. You can barely do anything with that software, meanwhile macOS can do almost anything

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Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Why compare to a13??! Ohhh I see coz a14 is thermal throttl... moreThere are so many youtube videos, articles about the heating issue of SD888. And there is no video for A14 and M1 about their heating issue because there is NO throttling.

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[deleted post]M1 has twice the power of SD888. So the heating isn't a problem. And u should also compare it with other laptops which have huge batteries, multiple big fans which make noise and unable to carry. And M1 solved all the problems that laptops used to have.

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For someone looking for a top end tablet it’s not brainer to get an android one like Samsung Tab. The iPad had always had the edge when it comes to dedicated apps now with M1 chip and thunderbolt gives you more compared to a similar priced Samsung Tab. There is no doubt that Apple will bring computer grade apps when announces the new iPadOS, that’s the reason why they put in it the M1 chip.

this is revolutionary 👏👏

Yes, these sound decent to me. However, I can't say that they appeal to me more so than my late model flagship handset, especially to the point that I would purchase one of them.