Weekly poll: will you buy into the computer-grade performance of the new iPad Pros?

25 April 2021
With M1 chipsets, these are not far off a MacBook Air without a keyboard. Actually, the iPad Pro 12.9 has a better screen than the Mac laptop.

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YUKI93, 25 Apr 2021You only compare the iPad against the Android tablet. I wou... moreHmm, reasonable. However both OS got lesser tablet optimized apps, and (probably) less quality productive apps. I see most people here only seeing tablet as a multimedia device are ignoring some creatives actually uses this device. It's not only about Photoshop that you guys always echoed about, there are other powerful apps that both OS don't have, e.g. Procreate, Affinity Apps, Astropad, Lumafusion, just to name a few. It's well OK then if you could do that on your notebook or PC, but some people wanted to have that in a way more portable form factor and a stylus pen too (not to mention AES and N-trig pens on convertible Windows devices are way terrible either).

34SciencePigeon, 25 Apr 2021Another paid advertisement. Once PCMAG page in insta was... moreGSMArena always put up a poll page towards some new products, I don't see that as an advertised page, esp. if you look at the poll results, it's clear enough.

Another paid advertisement.

Once PCMAG page in insta was informatic, now is a meme page.
Once GSMArena was informatic, Now?

They are going to be less technical and more fun.
Even iMac Pro with 18-core Xeon is unable to be on par with Windows machines in its same category.

Now, iPad became a threat!

Enjoy Cook pictured USDs, GSMAdvertise.

Tungtran, 25 Apr 2021Should have added the "I can't afford any of thes... more75%? All of people over the IT communities have been always gathering their hate on Apple because of its pricey products. Most of them are only hating Apple from far away and never value what it means to have a device that have a top notch UX, it just works perfectly, especially if you look it on an average, less savvy person's perspective. You aren't gonna get some inconsistent UI a la Microsoft, and lots of quality apps and less adwares (the cost of being open source), unlike Android.
And most of their critics here aren't that make sense either. I mean you're comparing a Windows tablet that hardly ever handle their apps on a tablet sized performace to an iPad that almost all of its apps are fully optimized to run on the tablet itself? Or a Chrome OS that has almost zero advanced creative apps? Seriously. Also, just because they're not getting used to work on a smaller screen doesn't mean everyone else does, you do you and people here aren't getting it well.


  • Zubayer

Waiting ✋ for M1 on iPhone 🏴‍☠️

  • Liferocks

No because first you buy the iPad at exorbitant prices (don’t know why a two year IPad
Pro 11 wont be able to do that which this iPad does), then add the accessories then after 2 years the keyboard ain’t compatible with new iPad so spend another pound of Money. I would buy if I would have owned a mint :)

To be serious,

Apple macOS without boot camp which M1 is for it, is nothing to be countable.

iPad has a different view as this is professional by advertisers and big gaming iPhone by millions of buyers.

Apple decision to occupy PC market is doomed to failure.
Once Apple made the statement of PC decline numbers to out number their iPad line.

COVID-19 made them believe that they have something. M1 performance, More powerful than best selling windows laptop, Which now Microsoft introduces its Surface laptop 4 as the most powerful laptop.

Apple in Smartphone market = A Joke.
Apple in Computer market = A Joke.

Apple in its ecosystem = A superhero.
Apple in its customers = A champ.
Apple in its fan base = A holy survivor

Apple in logic = A fruit.

Nothing more.

YUKI93, 25 Apr 2021You only compare the iPad against the Android tablet. I wou... morebut if you were going to compare iPadOS to ChromeOS or Windows 10, then what would compare MacOS to? because Windows 10 is a direct rival to MacOS, ChromeOS is not good and it does not hold a candle to iPadOS or MacOS

Tungtran, 25 Apr 2021Should have added the "I can't afford any of thes... moreYou only compare the iPad against the Android tablet. I would rather compare the iPad against a Chrome OS tablet (eventhough I never been a fan of Chrome OS in the first place) or even a true Windows 10 tablet.

aliensweet4u, 25 Apr 2021if Microsoft can offer tablet mode in win10, why apple can&... moreThe only reason I can only think of why Apple is doing that is that they don't want to hurt the MacBook sales. Also, Apple wants you to "diversify" the ecosystem by using different devices running completely different OSes. Just my thoughts right there.

if Microsoft can offer tablet mode in win10, why apple can't in macos and run it on ipad.

As some of the other commenters pointed out, putting M1 chip onto the new iPad Pro won`t give it computer-grade performance since the software is still iPad OS. It can`t run MacOS apps. I`d rather spend the same dollar for M1 Macbook Pro which can run iPhone & iPad apps. That would makes much more sense.
For people like me who use a computer 9-5 at work, I don`t think one can replace the computer with a tablet. I get annoyed while working using my Macbook Pro with 13" screen, surely I'll get even more frustrated if I work on a 12" iPad Pro.
If I need an Apple tablet for secondary device or entertainment, the base model regular iPad would be enough.

bob, 25 Apr 2021apple's audio products are low low par, always have be... moreWho talked about beats? I am talking about apples own products, ipods, airpods pro and max and the homepod

No, because I already have a 16-inch MBP for my personal computer. I can see the appeal of it for other groups of people (e.g. Illustrators), though. Definitely it could've been a more compelling product if it ran MacOS.

Should have added the "I can't afford any of these". I'm pretty sure 75% of people here throws hate on Apple blindly because most of its product's price beyond their ability to pay. I'm partly argee with the idea that iPhone is not the best one at its price since its battery life, screen doesn't good enough compare to Android. But iPad is an another story. No Android tablet can beat the performance of the Pros, even the Galaxy Tab S7+ can only comparable to Air ones in term of performance (love Galaxies tbh, thinking about buying one after messing with iPhones). The base iPad make any tablet at its price shame because they can't offer anything faster than A12. The only things that they lose Android are file management. Any iPhone and iPad seem overpriced at first, but in the long run, with the software support that almost comparable to Windows, it is really worth it. You still scold, they still sell.
However I hate the darker color scheme on the back of the iMacs, they should have done it the same with the front imo.

No, because I don't even count iMac as a real computer

NEVER! computer-grade and real computer ain't the same thing and it runs on moderate iOS which is called iPad OS which is NO where near to Windows or Mac OS. for me, tabs are a joke that runs on a mobile phone OS!

  • AnonD-994147

OwnFix3, 25 Apr 2021Chip is bottlenecked by the OS. iPad OS is still restrictiv... moreThat’s why they put the M1 chip in MacBooks and iMacs too. Apple is not trying to replace one with the other (iPads with MacBooks, I mean). At least not yet.
Besides, there is a market and demand for all of them (iPad, MacBook and iMac). Otherwise Apple would not have release them.
Of course, because in recent years the iPad Pro have become more and more powerful, people started asking why do both exist (iPad and MacBook) and why Apple is not ditching one or the other. The answer is simple, they both bring profit to them, separately.

  • omzig

it is still bottlenecked by software.
why do people become so aroused by M1 ? yes it is best chip on the market, but what's the point if the absolute majority of users have no way to load it to its fullest capacity? even a12z/x or a14 is more than enough for all the possible task, you ain't gonna text faster on whatsapp with m1. so unless apple do something with ipados and third parties like adobe and autodesk will provide desktop level for their arm products most people will be fine with older ipad iterations. imho.