Hot Take: Apple Spring Loaded event

25 April 2021
AKA the AirTag event.

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JDK a.k.a NOT JUNIOR, 28 Apr 2021You're just salty, because you know that the ecosystem... moreIPhone camera quality is extremely bad against bigger larger OnePlus cameras.
The amount of tricks that iPhone has to do to get decent enough images is exhausting.
They know their userbase will accept cheap quality small sensor and label it the best.
Even basic things like exposure, white balance among other things are a problem for the iPhone in challenging conditions.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021100% correct... He made so many excuses for the iPhone duri... moreYou're just salty, because you know that the ecosystem for IOS means that people aren't switching over. There are tons of phones that use android, so if a phone is charging more it better be keeping up with the competition. On the other hand, apple is the only manufacturer making IOS. Since the IOS ecosystem is very interconnected, the question often isn't "which phone should I buy" but "which iPHone should I buy".

And apple is innovating, just in other areas. For example, M1 chip.

Not to mention that iPhone camera quality is still better than oneplus despite the hasslebad "branded" camera.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021They prioritize profits more than their own customers. One... moreAndroid fans be runnin when they realize that the M1 chip crushes the android/windows competition.

Where were you guys when it released? Probably hiding.

Kingslayer, 25 Apr 2021I don't really see a war. They're just products. ... moreIronically, some of the people that upvoted your comment must be fanboizz themselves.

  • cherry

The iMacs look cool from the back in a reception (hotel, dentist, companies) or for a children's room, though I would opt for a macbook air and an external monitor for children.

  • barrquisha

"But the cost of the Hermès edition seems like a crime against humanity" Just say you don't understand the luxury market.

OnLyPOCOcAnBeaTaPOCO, 25 Apr 2021I don't want to be an Apple's advocate but the ne... moreso its a Mmmmmedium purple?

  • Anonymous

As long as cheap enough. Any technology breakthrough will be good.

That Apple's M1 chip seems very impressive.

Good read where Google is at with their own homegrown chips...

I’m fine with the colours of the new iMac. This said I’d crave for one if the titanium finish available to the Apple Watch was employed - even for an added cost. Also I’d much prefer it with a larger screen, like 27".

Kingslayer, 25 Apr 2021I don't really see a war. They're just products. ... moreWell said!

I don't want to be an Apple's advocate but the new dye of iPhone 12 series isn't any variety of violet because the latter has more blue than red (violet is between purple and blue, closer to blue). The phone's color is actually "Medium purple" which is a shade of Mmmmm, purple!

  • Anonymous

"Those things obviously have very little effort put into them so it makes sense they are ugly. The new iMac very obviously looks like designers at Apple spent months designing it. Which is why it's so hilarious that it's so ugly."
--by design-wise it's aesthetically pleasing than previous imac

"The new iMac looks like it was designed to sit on a receptionist's desk or a hotel front office."
--for me, its more like modern, minimalist and clean design, its just like a display-only, not bulky aio, most people prefer slim aio instead bulky aio.

Next time, just put aside your subjective opinions and be more smarter if you want to critize apple products. Of course still lots of people still think your article was good that because since beginning those people have biased toward apple products, but not for the rest.

I don't really see a war. They're just products. Stuff that will eventually be dumped in some landfill. We can't take them after we did. Apple still offers Google apps. The only war I see is the one going on a random fanboy's head as if Apple or Google literally robbed their home and vandalized their room. Insecure fanboys over electronic toys!

I've said it in another comment section that iOS and Android are practically interchangeable these days. Ever since I got my iPhone 7 which I eventually traded in for a 12 mini, I've been quite impressed with iOS14. I was on iOS10 for years and 14 required a little bit of a learning curve for me.

I've used iOS for 13 years and Android for nearly 10 years. I used both concurrently for 5 years, so I know what I'm talking about. None of them are perfect. Both Apple and Google aren't perfect. I don't see a reason not to use both? You don't have to side with one. They're both flawed. Use both to make it a little more perfect.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Bitch pls. M1 barely run 60fps in 720p low setting for forn... moreM1 can easily hit 120fps at above FHD resolution in Fortnite depending on the graphics quality settings you use.

  • Alxin

I loved this article. Thanks for it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Which RTX2060 laptop do you own? No RTX2060 laptop but the ... moreBitch pls. M1 barely run 60fps in 720p low setting for fornite. Even 1050 can run 1080p 200fps

miaumiaumiau, 25 Apr 2021well written. good job.I was going to post the same. Article was very informative, well written and fun to read too. Someone quick, hire this guy!

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 25 Apr 2021Its hard to respect biased articles on site that SHOULD put... more100% correct... He made so many excuses for the iPhone during the OnePlus 9 Pro review.
When OnePlus charges more, their phones have to be flawless, iPhones charging much more than what they are worth, that is okay according to this biased guy