Interview: Realme's Madhav Sheth talks Realme 8 5G, laptops, and 2021 ambitions

25 April 2021
Sheth also tells us about the success of Realme's number series.

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  • 26 Apr 2021

sq2013, 26 Apr 2021This is a worthless and transparent article. An exercise in... more... charging a premium compared to competition? See the poco F3 and X3 pro versus what Realme are putting out there and the cost versus performance ratio. What is the justification?

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    • 26 Apr 2021

    This is a worthless and transparent article. An exercise in Public relations that deals with none of the obvious questions that consumers want to ask. Like, what is the idea behind the odious branding on Realme phones? Why are Realme actually lowering the specs on the series 8 versus the series 7? Why are Realme charg

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      • 26 Apr 2021

      Vic4BBM, 26 Apr 2021Your comments confirm that you do not look beyond price in ... moreWhat do you mean about saying that you don't know what IMEI is? Based on the poster's obvious knowledge on previous posts, that person knows what an IMEI is. Anyone with any knowledge of a phone does. International manufacturer equipment identifier. A unique fifteen digital number that differentiates every single phone from every other phone in the world. What has it got to do with anything here though?

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        • 26 Apr 2021

        Vic4BBM, 26 Apr 2021Your comments confirm that you do not look beyond price in ... moreNonsense. Custom ROMs have support for security updates. Free antivirus applications will reveal the presence of any keyloggers, Trojans or worms. I have rooted virtually every phone I have used going back to a Samsung galaxy S4 and I have never stopped using my banking apps or making a large amount of online purchases and Google pay still works even on my rooted mi 10T lite 5g. I don't think you know what you're talking about. Rooted or official rom status, people are equally vulnerable if they don't know what they're doing. I regularly sideload third party APK apps. I know what sites to download from. I scan all apks with trusted antivirus software before installing. Security updates are mostly a placebo effect. They rarely actually do anything. They're just trying to make you believe you are safer. You're not safe if you are making financial transactions via unverified and unsecured sites. PayPal should be used whenever possible. Many free antivirus apps give sites a security rating so you know what is safe and what is not. Your phone's security updates won't protect you if you're dumb enough to download attachments from unverified email accounts. There is a very basic checklist of things that can prevent exposing a phone to online predators. But you're wrong. You're no less secure on an official rom than rooted and using a custom rom. I have been doing this for over ten years and never once been compromised.

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          • 26 Apr 2021

          Excellent questions, terrible answers. This guy's just another corporate talking head; barely human.

            Seems like the Realme India's CEO likes to Market himself more that the brand or its products lolol

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              • 26 Apr 2021

              Plz provide AOD customization features in realme 7 pro.

                SShreyas, 26 Apr 2021Everything is confined to "price" only. That'... moreYour comments confirm that you do not look beyond price in a phone. No doubt that Realme ( say all BBK products) will have no issues in finding buyers when people do not think beyond 'price tag'. Seems they are absolutely right in understanding the ignorance of buyers.

                And yes I know what is Rooting/ unlocking of bootloader. I use it for my old Motorola G3 and G turbo phones. But then you should know that it makes your device more vulnerable / insecure. It is not advisable specially if you have financial transactions from the phone.

                Again you don't know what is IMEI.

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                  • 26 Apr 2021

                  Alpha, 25 Apr 2021Realme is a garbage brand now. I have X2 Pro and still no A... more100%

                    The Android Freak, 26 Apr 2021I strongly agree. But Realme will get killed Moro G40 Fusio... moreI hate that "DARE TO LEAP" slapped all over the phone. Also, Realme uses only MediaTek's chipsets, which I hate the most and is probably the worst part of owning a Realme.
                    And yeah, G60 and G40 are pretty solid contenders in that price range. For once I though Motorola would also join HMD and will die together.

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                      • 26 Apr 2021

                      i hate this guy

                        Vic4BBM, 26 Apr 2021Seems you did not read beyond 'price'. Plus it s... moreEverything is confined to "price" only. That's the first and the foremost aspect of a smartphone.
                        R&D? You're probable unaware of the fact that "HMD outsources 89% of its devices from Chinese ODMs". They're simply Chinese ODM's devices with "Nokia" logo slapped on the back. The last phone they designed was 2018's 8.1.

                        Who told you that those apps "can't be uninstalled"? Ever heard of rooting/Custom ROM? These phones are super easy to root and is backed by innumerable developers developing Custom ROMs. Also, even without rooting, you can disable ads, though it's a bit tedious to do so. But again, you're getting much better devices at much lower prices.
                        This is in stark contrast to "unpopular" HMD devices, for which "Raghu Varma" is solely developing ROMs. Also, HMD don't allow anyone to unlock bootloader (except Nokia 8) for God known reason. You literally have to pay third party devs to get it unlocked.

                        As far as data leak is concerned, I hope you remember how HMD installed Chinese ROM on European version of Nokia 7 Plus, which caused massive data leak.

                          GSM Boy, 26 Apr 2021Yes, same advice here, Im not sure why they would release t... moreRealme X50 Pro priced at 31999 and same snapdragon 865 powered chipsets phones are priced at 24999.

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                            • 26 Apr 2021

                            Realme not able to keep its promise .bad ui . Realme never give importance to timely update . They are still testing android 11 for there phones . Its 8th month from release of android 11 but all realme user are still waiting for it

                              SShreyas, 26 Apr 2021Pricing isn't "high". Its "crazy high&q... moreSeems you did not read beyond 'price'.
                              Plus it seems you have absolutely missed on the last part of what I commented.

                              Final Price is not based on price of raw materials only but it includes other heads like RnD cost, legal formalities ( IMEI is a part of it) cost etc.

                              OPPO VIVO and siblings take money from others for ads and other apps forcibly installed on phone ( which cannot be removed). These apps and other stuffs will flick away / leak / spy your information without even your knowledge. That's why they cost less comparatively.

                                Muneeb Ansari, 26 Apr 2021You're completely right. I used the Realme 7 pro for l... moreThese segment uses cheap Amoled panels from Chinese companies. Not from Samsung/LG/BOE. You can't put Samsung E4 panel under 300USD. Redmi has issues with their Amoled panel as well.

                                  Muneeb Ansari, 26 Apr 2021You're completely right. I used the Realme 7 pro for l... moreIt will be available soon. It was released for beta testers a couple of weeks back. Don't know about L3/L1 problem,but Realme will fix issues in upcoming updates. Display is good on Realme 7 Pro. Maybe you got faulty product. Camera is good too. Better than Realme 8 Pro.

                                    SShreyas, 26 Apr 2021Pricing isn't "high". Its "crazy high&q... moreI strongly agree. But Realme will get killed Moro G40 Fusion and Moto G60. Realme 7 Pro and Realme X2 Pro were the last two great products from them. Not value for money but great products. They are going to away from Value for money trend since long.

                                      Vic4BBM, 25 Apr 2021Pricing is high because they do not take money and put ads ... morePricing isn't "high". Its "crazy high". Its €400 for a Snapdragon 480, LCD display without HRR, below average cameras and simple, featureless UI. Xiaomi is offering, Snapdragon 860 for €210, Snapdragon 870 for €300, with 120Hz refresh rate (amoled on latter), much better camera and UI with more features.
                                      On top of this, Nokia uses the CHEAPEST, lowest quality parts available in the market (faulty charging port on most of its 2018 lineup; eMMC 5.1 on a €600 overpriced 8.3 5G, etc)

                                      In case you don't know, pushing out Google's UI without any additional feature is more cost-efficient than creating and maintaining a brand's own UI.
                                      "Simple UI" is NOT a religion that people will "believe" in that. And that IS the reason for such an amazing market share of every brand providing "simple, featureless UI"