Interview: Realme's Madhav Sheth talks Realme 8 5G, laptops, and 2021 ambitions

25 April 2021
Sheth also tells us about the success of Realme's number series.

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  • Anonymous

Oh lookie...the 67th "interview" with Mr Sh*t-Eating-Grin.

BBK must be sending in the Yuans by the truckloads.

  • Anonymous

sq2013, 25 Apr 2021I think that they should just give up really. Xiaomi or Poc... moreDon't forget the killer feature of xiaomi/redmi/poco : ADS in software

  • sq2013

I think that they should just give up really. Xiaomi or Poco have the poco F3 out there for a touch under 300 euros with an amoled 120hz refresh rate screen, a top tier Snapdragon and a premium build 5G,, fast charging and many other features besides. Realme have a glow in the dark phone for more money. This guy is in total denial. I don't think he believes half of what he's saying really. If they don't buck their ideas up, they're going to fail. The crazy branding on the back and the underpowered processors based on the price is killing them.

YoloBS, 25 Apr 2021this is like, his 10th interview on gsmarena ! why you guy... moreHaha well said! 👏

Couple of days later...
Breaking news....
Madhav Sheth dared to be fired.

  • AnonD-994147

Why there aren't any other CEO's interviews in here?

Somebody should ask this guy why they always put that tacky "dare to keap" branding on the back of tgeir phones. Yuck!

this is like, his 10th interview on gsmarena ! why you guys wanna interview evil steve jobs looking dude ? are you become that poor .
PR interview .

Their goal is to enter top3 and top1(online)

But how? Of course by releasing crappy phones that not well informed consumers will buy. facepalm*

  • AngryLithuanian

Another Realme phone, another "interview". GSMA is slowly turning into Realme's PR site.

I understand that Realme is a young brand and is doing everything they can to stand out but this aint it chief. All the best to Realme though.

  • AnonD-994853

"As a leading brand, Realme committed 2-year software support for Realme smartphones and is the only brand in the industry to push regular updates to assure the best experience every month."

Lol, Samsung, apple, google and xiaomi is laughing at this. Sure, regular updates are great, especially for midranges, but only 2 years for your own Flagship too? Updates is where OxygenOS is starting to fall, other offers 3 years while BBK group only offers 2 years.

" Firstly, Realme aims to be the TOP 3 Smartphone brand and No.1 Online smartphone brand by clocking 25-30 million in sales in smartphones in CY2021. However, the stock issue will continue for the whole industry. Hence, we will make the best effort to deliver at least 25-30 million devices to cater to the market demand, however, this will be evaluated every quarter basis in the actual case."

Impossible unless you go back to your own path. Your uncompetitive products will keep getting killed by Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi products.

As of now, as per our survey in the community, there are still some users who specially like macro features. We would still like to keep options for them for some time while simultaneously we will keep on improving our main camera. Actually, these two are not contradictory to each other.

Why not use autofocus on the Uw camera? Why ignore the ultrawide camera? Even Samsung and Xiaomi cares more about their camera at 2021. Realme needs to remove those 2 useless sensors and upgrade the ultrawide and selfie cameras

Vision and Innovation takes you long way , but Ambition will give a momentary sucess.

Realme ( rather say BBK) is ambitious but their only ambition is to be market leader.

Above all this fellow talks nonsense about updates. Many OEMs are regular with updates ( however it doesn't mean Android version updates). Apart from Pixel line up , Nokia is amongst the best for regular updates with Android One program ( even Nokia Android Go phones are updated to newer Android version).

This guy ( with its company) reminds me of CyanogenMod. I remember CyanogenMod had great ambition to be leaders in OS world. This overconfidence was based on initial success. They were launched as an official OS with One+.
But where is CyanogenMod now??? ( Of course now they work as Lineage OS, but nothing like what their ambition was)

These guys will end up the same way.

how many times you guys gonna interview him ?
rebranding and downgrading your own devices and shamelessly marketing them , and you call realme as an ambitious brand 😐
pathetic as always 👎

  • AnonD-994853

"at Realme, we never compromise on the experience. We will make sure the comprehensive experience is still top-of-class and there is no compromise in its segment. We believe to leave a variety of best possible options to consumers and let them pick."

You say so. So why did Realme 8 Pro feel like an downgrade to the Realme 7 Pro?

1. You lose the stereo speakers
2. You downgraded the 65w to 50w
3. You also downgraded the selfie camera
4. All while being more expensive despite having those downgrades and no meaningful improvements in other areas (108 MP vs 64 MP, design changes)

Even compared to Realme 6 Pro, it also has downgrades, Realme 8 Pro is still good, don't get me wrong, but it is just below my expectations and not what they have said. Realme 8 pro has several downgrades compared to 6 Pro :

1. No telephoto camera
2. Downgrade in selfie cameras
3. No ultrawide front camera
4. No glass metal build back like 6 Pro
5. No high refresh rate
6. No meaningful upgrades except the lcd to oled upgrade and the 30w to 50w charging
7. Specs, processor, are pretty much the same
8. All while being more expensive

  • AnonD-994853

I am gonna be honest. The first Realme phone that caught my eye is the Realme X2 Pro. It killed many Flagships and midranges. I thought that after the x2 pro, they would be Xiaomi's rival. The number series is also an good rival to redmi note series at that time. But starting at 2020, Realme, (sorry to say), is starting to become bad. Realme 6 and 7 series are easily killed by Poco X3 NFC at that time. Realme X50 Pro costs $800 in my country, while Mi 10 costs only $600. How can an Flagship lacks :
1. Ois?
2. Great camera quality?
3. Great camera system?
4. Wireless charging?

At the same price, P40 Pro and S21 Plus kills it easily. While Mi 10 is much cheaper yet offers more. I have lost hope in Realme, especially with the Realme 8 series. How can the 8 Pro be more expensive than Redmi Note 10 Pro while offering less?

1. Glass metal body (Redmi) vs Plastic body (Realme)
2. 60hz oled 1000 nits no HDR (Realme) vs 120hz Oled 1200 nits HDR10 (Redmi)
3. Single speaker, no IP rating, trash vibration motor (Realme) vs stereo speakers, ip53 and good haptics (Redmi)
4. Realme phones have only 2 years of updates while Xiaomi provides 3 MIUI updates and 2 android generation updates
5. All while being $60 more expensive than Redmi? For the same 8GB 128 GB? How is that possible?

Gsmarena is an Realme fan, or maybe Realme wanted to be interviewed, or vice versa. I have lost hope in Realme phones ever since 2020. Realme 8 series, 7 series, x50 series is inferior to Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Redmi Note series, and Poco X series.
Even the new Realme GT costs more than the Poco F3 depsite trading blows in features.
I don't understand about Realme anymore. I don't know why they strayed too much from their original path.

corporate/marketing bs

  • AnonD-994853

Interview other branss too. Or maybe did realme ceo volunteerred to do so? Was it gsmarena asking them to do so? Or vice versa?

  • fakeme

Why gsmarena even interviews this dude?
There is no point at all, even if being paid or not, just let go of the damn interviews.

He tells us that their devices are "upgraded", but are literally 100x worse than their previous products.

If they literally price their phones around at $400, with 5g but everything downgraded, then no wonder why they ain't winning the market.

A former flagship phone around at the same price is better than buying an entry level 5g phone.

This guy better take notes from Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous


So this is the dude that told everyone in the realme corporation to downgrade everything in their phones?

They should take notes from Xiaomi
Even if it isn't about flagships.

  • Woohoo

Where da fuk is the GT Neo, dammit??
And someone pls tell this idiot to at least upgrade the macro camera to 5MP like Sammy if he is so keen to still keep it. Or maybe just use a better UW w/ AF which can be used as a macro as well, I bet he knows that, doesn't he?